Thursday, October 23, 2008

Nothing happened on tuesday. Yesterday was wicked fun though, minus the 3+ hours spent at the hospital in the morning, getting sonograms galoreee and blood work! But then i went to school, which was good. And after school I hung out with Casey & Ashley a bit, and then went to Casey's and hung out with her, her brothers (Ryne, Dan, Cameron) and Taylor, James and Gage. Then Pastor Dan brought me to rehearsals, ive been making soo many new friends this year btw! Changing for the bettter and everything! Its awesome! :D
And after rehearsal, i went to youth group! Pastor Pearl preached the most amazing message ive heard in a long time. It was really convicting, and realllly stuck with me! And then after youth group i went out to eat at mcdonald's (yuk) with Pastor Jonnie, Trav, Matthew, Pastor Pearl, Cameron, Ryne, Travis G, James and Gage... yeah i was the only girl other than Pastor Pearl, who is a mother. hahaha but omgsh i had so much fun!!!! :D
Today, being thursday, was school of course.. and then i stayed after for math with Ryne! I think im going to really start liking him... hes so adorableee and i feel so comfortable around him its crazy! We can seriously talk about anything together and not feel awkward... he makes my tummy all fluttery inside :)

Monday, October 20, 2008

I did awesome on my monologue, I got a 99% plus an extra bonus point for inviting guests to come watch :)
Then i hung out with mikaela, kelsey, ashley, casey, shelby, nora, jami, and jimmy until rehearsal...

The thursday afterwards was Coffee House.. DZ made me do my monologue there too, a ton of people did acts and it was so much fun! :D

Friday was rehearsal (hardly anyone showed up) and then the varsity game! I mostly hung out with mikaela, dakota, justin and jeremiah....

Saturday i went to Fright Fest at Six Flags with mikaela!!! we had a blast!

Sunday i missed church :'(
But we went to the movies to see Quarantine (i dont reccommend it) and saw cameron, ryne, james, ed, dan and this other kid idk his name there and visited with them for a while...

Today that pain in my stomach was stillll there, constant since Saturday night around 9ish or so... so my mom took me to the doctors and i ended up getting a flu shot. Tonight I had rehearsal, it was pretty dang stressful.

Tomorrow im hoping to get to hang out with ryne after school or something because i dont have rehearsal :)

Check my myspace for pictures....

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I miss Blogger

Yup, it's true. I tried to stray away from it for a while but I just can't stand it any longer. I miss it too much... haha but there is a lot that I haven't been able to post about that's been going on in my life. Like, I'm finallllly completely, 95% (haha) over Cameron :)
We're like BEST friends now though, which is awesome. That's what i wanted.. And now his brother Ryne kinda likes me, which IDK if that's a good thing or not.. because one of my friends REALLLY likes him and I dont even know how to react to that right now. There's a good chance that I may end up developing a slight crush on him, but who knows? I'm definitely going to be hardcore praying about it for now.. Oh and I've just been informed that my good friend AJ kind of likes me, but that's not good either because he has a girlfriend! :/

Ahhh anyways... Lately everything has been SO busy for me! With parties and homecoming and church and schooollll and homework and projects and REHEARSALS for the play, and doctors appts, and just keeping up with a normal social life... It's so hectic!!! But I love it :)

Today was my dress rehearsal for my monologue which is due tomorrow. My teachers told me I did pretty good but to slow down a bit and make bigger gestures... I should prolly go practice that. I'm also a dancer in our Fall play, which is going to be Taming of the Shrue... rehearsals for that have been so dang fun!!!

Ok well ive gotta go, im talking to Taylor, AJ, Dylan and Ryne so im pretttty dang busy. lol ttyl, loves <3

UPDATE: 11/28
I decided i should put up some pictures from the Homecoming dance and the homecoming parade/game/pep fest... Theyre pree dank ;)

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Just the girls^

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All of us^

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My date^

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At the actual homecoming game.. VICTORY! We won by 1!!! :D