Monday, June 30, 2008

She leaves in ..

exactly one hour and twenty minutes from this moment. I'm really sad, haha I'm going to miss her SO MUCH! But the thing is, she's coming back in like nine or ten months for college! So that's a plus! YAY! :D

So anyways, tonight I have that tennis clinic thing till 8 .. And then Kelsey is coming over for the night. We get our new car tomorrow! YAY things have been working out swell .. I just have a lot on my mind lately ..... ahhhh

idk what else to say, k bye :]

Sunday, June 29, 2008

It hasn't hit me yet ..

but today was the last day i'm going to hang out with penny, until at least april. Church was amazing fun, as always .. Pastor Dan ended up diving on the floor in the middle of preaching. Haha he is seriously like the best pastor ever. He knows the best ways of how to really get through to a lot of people. But anyways, after church came to an end, everyoneee there gathered up in front and we all prayed for Penny to have a safe trip back home to Thailand tomorrow, and to have all the courage and confidence and strength and everything she needs to stay strong in faith, and to make BIG changes in her home country for the better. I pray for her all the time, and I'd be very thankful if you guys did too! But yeah everyone was crying .. it was so sad. And then pretty much all of us went out to eat at the King's Buffet. That was fun too. I think it's like the greatest thing how we all get together after church and go out to eat and just catch up and hang out and have a good time. =] Then I went back to Casey's house for a while, and Penny came over a little later. I said my final goodbyes to her around 7, and it still hasn't actually hit me yet that she's leaving TOMORROW. A 24 hour difference. IDK when the next time I'll talk to her will be .. And IDK when I'll see her again. I'm going to miss her sooo much, she's become a really close friend to me, and a ton of other people, this past year. I wish her the best .. And hopefully her family will let her come back in April for college =]

Good night!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

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I really wish I was born in the 60's so I could have been a hippie. Haha but seriously, me and my friends Kat and Tee decided we're going to bring hippie back in style. (Minus the drugs and dreads of course!) IDK if they were just kidding around about it or not, but I'm totally serious! This summer my friend Ashley and I plan on getting together to tie dye our jeans! (We're also going to paint splatter them and some other stuff .. but that's besides the point! ;]) I really love fashion, I believe that you can show A LOT of personality about yourself through what you wear. I mean, I hate stereotypes and judging and all that, but you can still really show a lot about yourself through how you dress. Like for example, I wear a lot of bright VIBRANT colors that tend to stand out, with a big smile on my face .. showing people that I'm daring to be different and stand out, and that I am a happy, optimistic, and outgoing person. I also like to wear clothes that are different than everyone else .. maybe not so bright .. because I like being unique and having my own identity.

Well anyways, here are some hippie graphics:

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(Haha, I'm all for abstinence .. I just think this is funny^)

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One who looks upon all of these negative definitions and shakes his head thinking how sad it must be to no longer have the ability to dream of a world that we were all taught to strive for as children. One who loves everyone without prejudice.

Well today,

my plans got kinda screwed up. Haha because I was supposed to go to Bryson's graduation party but it's storming so I don't think I'm not going to be going anymore. Oh well, I'll see them all tomorrow at church. Last night at graduation was fun, btw. Me, Kels and Mikaela went out to eat at that little pizza place in town before, and then while we were walking to the bleachers to watch graduation, we spotted someone with bright red pants on the track. And I was like, "Haha! That's great! I'm going to wear my orange pants when I graduate! :D" And of course we all laughed, and then as we got closer we realized that it was Cameron wearing the red pants! Hahaha I love that kid so muchh. I'm probably going to miss him the most (other than Penny) out of everyone that's graduation. Good thing we go to the same church, and I'm friends with like everyone in his entire family so we can still hang out. Haha I sat with Chandler and her boyfriend, Adam, Mikaela, Kelsey, Travis, Taylor, and like a whole bunch of other kids to watch graduation. We had a good time, screaming for everyone as they got their diplomas. Haha! Cameron had a big orange smiley face taped on the top of his hat. And then you know how at the end when everyone throws their hats into the air? Well, my friend Dale had his on some sort of a string so after he threw it in the air, we could see him ravelling it back up. Oh my gosh I laughed so hard I almost peed my pants. I love that kid, he's such a dork :D

But anyways, I'm kinda bored right now. We haven't had power like all day until now. Stupid storms. Haha so I think I'm going to post some pictures in the next blog ..

Friday, June 27, 2008

"It started with a chair."

Haha oh g's, Juno is definitely an amazing movie beyond words, and that quote sure does bring on some mighty entertaining inside jokes if I do say so myself .. ;D!

Yesterday after my mom and I got back from the mall, and going out to lunch at my favorite place to eat (Panera Bread) and getting my new phone .. I ended up going to my bestfriend Mikaela's house. We had a fun time taking pictures at every single spot we were in, walking around town dancing and singing (well screaming) as loud as we could, embarrassing Brittany and Gordon tee hee, eating (well laughing histerically) at the delicious little Italian pizza place in our town, getting icecream with Alec and his family and Nate and Josh and their family, pacing back and forth in front of Penny's house eating our icecream until she came outside Haha, twitching whenever a car drove by, watching the baseball game under the lights, and hanging out with Haligh ..
Dude. I love my bestfriend. We have fun. End of story :]

Today my other bestfriend Kelsey was supposed to come over and go swimming and have a MASSIVE photo shoot, but she can't because she's babysitting. LAMEEE. Haha just kidding. But it does kinda suck. Oh well, it'll give me time to work on Bryson's Super Mario drawing .. (He saw the one I made for Cameron on Wednesday, and like begged me to make him one. When I told him I would, he literally bent down on his knees and bowed down to me, saying he loved me and that I am his hero. Haha! I love that kid, he's great, but IDK if I'm going to be able to finish this drawing before his graduation party tomorrow.) But anyways, I'm thinking I'm going to meet up with Kelsey before graduation tonight and go out to eat with all them, and then ride up to graduation with her and her mom. I'm so excited for graduation, I don't even know why .. I'm probably going to cry my eyes out watching all of these good buds leave me behind in the highschool. Haha only three more years till I graduate! Ah, what a scary thought ..

I wish all my senior friends that will be graduating today the best of luck in their life. I hope we can still all keep in touch no matter what they decide to do. I love them all with my whole heart.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

awwwwwh okay so last night at youth was extremely emotional. it was penny's last youth group EVER. everyone was crying and praying for her .. i KNOW she's going to spread the Good News to everyone back in her country. she's got a lot going for her, and i pray for her all the time.
today i'm going to get a new phone, since mine is broke. then i'm probably coming back here to go swimming .. maybe i'll post a picture later or something

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Yesterday was so much fun! I had a girls day out with my mom, we went and got manicures and then we did some shopping and I saw Dan and visited with him for a while at the store he works at (Game Stop) .. And then I got my hair cut (I absolutely love it! It looks so cute!) .. And then me and parents went to my grandparent's house for a cook out. Then my mom and I came home and went for a wickedddd fun walk. She listened to my old mp3 player the whole time, and I listened to my iPod .. We were both singing and dancing crazily to different songs the whole time! Hahaha today I might go and hang out with Casey and Penny later before youth .. but right now I'm getting ready to go strawberry picking with my mom and my aunt. I'll post again tomorrow or something, by the way here's a photo ..


That's me (before my hair cut) and Franny, the poodle at my nail salon. They painted her nails hot pink! Hahaha I love that puppy, she's such a sweetheart =] ..

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Hey guys, I drew this ..

Super Mario Bros!

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Monday, June 23, 2008

Good morning, sunshine! :]

Today, so far is a beautiful day. I woke up, threw my hair in a messy bun and went for a 2 mile walk with my mom. It was nice, we got to talk about a lot of things. Today I am no longer hanging out with Kelsey, because tonight I have my first tennis camp thing of the summer! That should be fun with Ashley, Katie, Christina and everyone .. But I'm probably going to SUCK because I haven't played since last year. Oh g's! Haha wish me luck, guys! I think I'm going to go swimming/tanning for a bit ..

Sunday, June 22, 2008

"Pants are essential."

Hahaha! I just finished watching Alvin and the Chipmunks with my parents. It's such a cute movie! And I just love family bonding time :]
But yeah, I actually decided to post again today to update you on my day .. and because I forgot to write about the most meaningful thing that happened to me after church today! Oh g's, I can't believe I forgot! But anyways, after church we all just like hang around the sanctuary and visit with eachother .. you know, catch up on things. Well I was standing around with Casey, Jamie and a few other people and all of a sudden, Pastor Jonnie (That's my youth pastor, and my friend Travis and Abbie's dad) Well he came over to me and tapped me on the shoulder. I looked over at him and was like, "HEY!" with a big smile, because you know .. This guy is pretty much my idol. He's an all around great person and always knows when something is wrong and how to make me feel better. But once again here I go getting side tracked Haha .. After I said "HEY!", Pastor Jonnie gave me that pound it thing (IDK if you've heard of it, it could just be a NY thing, but instead of a hi5 it's a fist thing. Haha) And then he said, "You know how you're not supposed to have favorites?" And I was like "Yeah." and he goes, "Well, I do." And gave me a big hug! I was just like, "AWH! You're my favorite too! :D" Hahaha it really meant a lot for him to say that cause, I don't know .. there's just a bunch of kids in our youth group and there's just a ton of people, and for him to say that just made me smile real big! Haha he's seriously like family to me, along with pretty much everyone else in my church. I thank God for having each and every one of those beings in my life. I know God put them there for a reason.

But yeahhh, when I got home I watched Raise Your Voice with my parents, and then we went for a walk with my favoritee aunt, Connie! (I love her so much, she's unbearabley HILARIOUS!) But I ended up jogging a mile home and then jumping straight in the pool! And then my parents and I watched Alvin and the Chipmunks, like I said. Today was a great day for family bonding, I enjoyed it a ton. But I think I'm going to get my lazy butt off this computer and go outside and enjoy this BEAUTIFUL Summer evening .. perhaps watch the sunset and text some kids .. yeah life is good :]

so i pretty much can't even explain how much i love my church, and everyone there. they're all so welcoming and loving .. and huggy haha even people i don't know come up to me saying "Good morning! How are you!? It's good to see you!" and hug me, haha it's great ... i think that's part of the reason why i love my church so much.
anyways, i was really touched at the service this morning. it felt like Pastor Dan was speaking directly to me through God. it was amazing, everything he said during the service this morning answered what i've been praying for, for a long time. i wish my parent's could have been there to experience what i did.
haha but anyways, i seriously love all the people at my church too. today apparently there was this "let's wear green" thing going on, because literally like EVERYONE was wearing green. and none of us planned it! let's see ... me, Casey, Nate, Jamie, Rachel, Jamie, Dee, Alyshea, this one lady idk, and this one lady i love but i forgot her name .. haha and like TONS of other people were all wearing green today! haha it was insane.
last night's party at dan's house was so much fun, btw! i hung out with everyone .. it was mostly people from church, and then a few other people .. but it was seriouslyy a great fun time. i had a blast!

today for the rest of the day, i plan on going swimming or something .. and tomorrow i'm hoping to make plans with Kelsey or Mikaela or someone to maybe go to the movies for Free Popcorn Monday! or to the midway for a bit .... idk yet though :p


Saturday, June 21, 2008

OMGSH! Penny's party last night was sooo much fun! Words can't even describe it. Hahah like everyone from church (except Dakota, Alyshea, AJ, Bobby, Sami and Kat) was there. Plus a billion other people! Haha we went swimming .. which I didn't have much of a choice on because if I didn't get in the pool myself, Ryne and Taylor were going to throw me in! Hahaha but it was seriously a BLASTTTTT!
Tonight should be fun too. Like all the same people should be at Dan's party. I'm quite excited! It's a super hero themed party, which I think I said in my post yesterday .. Which reminds me, I went to Wal*Mart with my mom this morning to get that Superman t-shirt, but all they had left was men's larges! So it would have been WAY too big. So instead I'm dressing up as Super Mario! Hahaha I love that guy, and that game! :D Me, Abbie and Casey were supposed to all be Powerpuff girls together but I didn't know that was still going on until after I bought my Mario shirt. Oh well :/
But hey, I've gotta go get ready! I'll probably post up pictures later .... LOVE YA'S! :D

Friday, June 20, 2008

So ..

the science regents wasn't as hard as i thought it would be. it was actually kinda easy, so i think i did pretty good :]
but oh my gosh! i need to get to wal*mart ASAP and buy this shirt:

because Casey just told me we have to dress up for Dan's birthday party tomorrow night, and it's superhero themed! oh g's. haha so tomorrow, i'm going to wal*mart and buying that shirt! :D

but anyways, i've gotta go finish getting ready .. Penny's party is in a few hours! i can't wait! :D

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Oh G's!

i think i'm getting sick! which SUCKS because i have my science regents tomorrow, and then i'm going to Penny's going away party tomorrow night .. and then saturday night is Dan's birthday party! ahhhh oh well. idc how sick i am, i'm still going to both. haha! today i went to the mall with my mom and my aunt. we had a balst, it was a nice girls day out. haha i got a new bathingsuit! it's supercute. i also got some clothes and some shoes. haha right now i just finished singing my whole science packet, hahaha i'm studying. so yeah i should probably go ... wish me luck for tomorrow!!!!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Happy birthday to Lindsey and Aunt Connie! <3

well, i guess i'm not going to hang out with casey and penny anymore today. it's raining so we decided to hang out and have our photo shoot another day. oh wellll. i'll still see them all tonight at youth! ahh thank God for youth. seriously. without that, i'd have nothing to look forward to today. today has just been an off day for me. i don't really know why, it's probably this yucky weather. ah i hate it. it's supposed to be cold and rainy like this all week. the first week of summer vacation and it's terrible weather! how convenient. haha but anyways, me and parents are talking about getting a puppy soon, here's one that i want .. his name is Jackson and he's a cross between a maltisse and a terrier. hopefully we can get him!


Wednesdays are my favorite day of the week.

yessir, because i have youth tonight! yay! i love youth group. it's so much fun! if you live in upstate new york you should definitely come to one of our youth groups someday. they're really fun and i promise you'll leave in a happier mood than you came in with. haha i know i do, and i'm usually a pretty happy kid to begin with. but anyways, everyone is so loving and welcoming .. no matter who you are or what you look like you would never be turned away. but anyways, other than going to youth tonight, i'm going to my friends casey, cameron and ryne's house later on with penny. me, casey and penny plan on having a hugee photo shoot with the three of us since penny's leaving for her home in Thailand in a couple of weeks. dangg, i'll miss that girl. she's really become one of my best friends during these past few months. but enough about that, i don't feel like being sad right now. haha i'm too tired and antsy to be sad. i can't sit still! ahhh i should probably go study for my science regents ..... i hope everyone has a wonderful day!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


so i just got home not too long ago from taking my math regents. i had to wake up hecka early as if i was going to school. it was so gay. haha i personally thought the exam was really hard, as did a lot of other kids. but i'm hoping i did well, because i'm usually pretty swell in math. for the rest of my day, i plan on chillen here .. on my porch swing! i'm exhausted, and i have no idea why. i'll probably watch a few movies later on with my mom too. perhaps some Lifetime! those are always good :D
Travis wants me to go to his sister's school carnival and hang out with him later today, but i doubt that i can. it's pretty chilly out, and the weather man says that it's going to rain all day. perhaps i'll go dance in it, and jump around in the puddles .. tee hee!
tonight is the last class for Just Walk Across The Room at church. i'm sad it has to end, but i definitely think i got a lot out of it. it was a class on how to witness. i really enjoyed it and i already see a change in how i witness to others.
but anyways, lunch is ready, so i'll ttyl =]

Monday, June 16, 2008


ahh it still hasn't really hit me yet, but today was officially my last day as a freshman in highschool. it's exciting, yet disappointing at the same time. this has definitely been the greatest school year of my life. i've made so many new, wonderful friends that i will definitely cherish, and miss next year because a lot of them will be graduating .. and one is an exchange student, and will be going back to her home country (Thailand) at the end of this month. i'm not really looking forward to that even the least bit, but that's besides the point. today was all in all a great day. we took lots of pictures and goofed around a lot. maybe i'll put some of the pictures up later on in a scroll box if i can figure out how. at the end of the day today, we had a special assembly thing for about an hour .. there was this guy, Gary something .. who graduated from our school a few years ago that came and put on a performance as he played the guitar, the piano, and sang. he was rather good and it was delightful to listen to. i had a fun time sitting (well singing, dancing and screaming) with marie and kelsey. ahh one of the things i'm going to miss most about this year is lunch time. i'll elaborate more on that later when i put pictures up. but i sat with the greatest people, and we always had a good laugh. i don't think i ever left 7th period in a bad mood, not even once. we called our table "the cool table" and that pretty much says it all ..

well i wish you guys all good luck on your regents and final exams as the school year comes to an end!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

FIRST POST! :D (Happy Father's Day!)

heyyy kids :D
i'm new to this.
so i pretty much have absolutely no idea what i'm doing.
i've had this thing for a while but i never started posting anything until today.
but anyways, happy father's day!
be sure to let all your daddy's know how much they mean to you.
i've already accomplished that today.
i made my dad a card last night, because well i love to color .. and what says "You mean the world to me" better than a home made card?
i wrote my dad a special note inside the card too, and when i gave it to him this morning, he gave me a big hug and i thought he was going to cry.
i love my dad so much. he's seriously the best.

but anyways, right now i'm just getting ready to go out to eat with a bunch of my family at the turkey farm. i'm pretty excited because it's going to be me, my parents, my grandparents, my aunt, my uncle, and my three little cousins. it's not too often that all ten of us get together, so when it does happen, it's quite a treat. i love my family more than anything on earth.

okay so i'll probably post again later on today, or tomorrow. muchos bebes del amor! <3