Saturday, September 27, 2008

Yesterday was the last day of theatre history!! Woohooo and then i went to the mall after school with casey to get my dress for the blue and white ball. I ended up settling with a black dress from Deb though, because i couldnt find anything cute in any stores that wasnt extremely colorful. All the cute dresses are colorful. Psht, what the heck? haha today i did nothing except practice my monologue. it's raining today blahhhhh- what a dull day. But i did watch a really good movie called No Reservations. it's a definite chick flick but i recommend it if you have never seen it :)


Thursday, September 25, 2008

Wow, dude, i haven't posted on here in A WHILE! But ive just been so gosh darn busy, its hard to keep up you know? Hm, well let's start with: i had to quit tennis. Yup, i got blood work a couple of weeks ago to start the seemingly endless process of trying to figure out what the heck is wrong with my stomach, (i still get those random excruciating pains in the side of my stomach) and anyways, when i got the results for my blood work, everything came back normal EXCEPT i have a low blood cell count. which could mean a number of things, but one of the effects is a weak immune system and getting tired easier. which has definitely been happening lately, and ive been having a weird on and off cold for the past couple of weeks too. so anyways, my parents made me quit tennis because they said it was going to be too much with homework, rehearsals, youth group, and a regular social life too. there wouldnt be any time for any rest. i cried, i was so upset. today i dropped by a home match for my team, and the shirts came in today.. dude i miss playing on the team, and everyone on the team.. so much.. but anyways! other than that pretty much EVERYTHING has been going absolutely wonderfully... i've been doing great in school, other than math which i'm doing ok in but i'm definitely struggling a bit.. um i auditioned for the Fall play and DZ (the director) LOVED me haha and said i can prolly be in every dance :D! and youth group and church has been awesomeeee lately, like even more than usual. OH! and i dont like cameron anymore :D :D :D
i promise.
i am 100% over him... finally! hahaha

Yesterday was dakota's birthday, and david's.. but david goes to school in MD haha so yeah, anyways, me and mikaela got the whole cafeteria's attention and started singing, well SCREAMING the 'happy birthday' song to dakota during lunch, hehe. he was SO embarrassed hahaha... then i went to casey's with mikaela after school and we hung out, kinda with ryne, cam, dan, gage and taylor a bit.. and took pictures and stufff, and then youth group!!! Which was just pure.., i dont even how to describe it, lets just say AMAZING :D hahaha

but yeah, ive gotta go. i hung out with casey and ryne after school today at the pizza place and the varsity soccer game, we had fun but when i came home i stressed myself with math homework and cleaning my room so now im wicked tired. haha good night, hopefully i can update again sooon (:


Friday, September 12, 2008

This past week...

has been so busy!!! Ahhh I'm doing terrible at updating lately.. Lol but at least i'm trying, right!?

Monday began the first full week of school..and was also the beginning of being piled on with homework. I had so much homework, I asked my mom to pick me up early from tennis practice. Tuesday and Wednesday I didn't have practice, but Wednesday I stayed after 10th period for Drama Club and then hung out after school with Mikaela and Casey until youth group. Yifei came to youth group!! She's our new exchange student and I'm getting to be pretty good friends with her. She's from China! Yesterday was our first tennis match of the season, and it was away. We all did kinda bad. Coach made me play singles!!! It was my first time, and I played a girl (I forgot her name, gosh darn it lol) who was like really good at it! I'm glad she was my opponent though, because even though I did absolutely TERRIBLE, she was still friendly and even HELPFUL at times. Today is Friday, finally, and today in lunch was like wicked fun. I love all the kids I sit with.. Mikaela, Bruce, Dakota, Kelsey, Amber, Ryne, Caitlin, Alec, and every other day Nick.. and today Alec and I decided to invite over this kid Greg, to sit with us, because he was sitting all alone and we felt bad... :/

Tonight hopefully I'll be able to go to Mikaela & Kelsey's church's youth center and chill with them, and Casey, and Taylor and some other people... I don't really feel like staying home all night. Haha but right now I'm trying to find a monologue.. because for theatre 1 I have to memorize a monologue and then perform it in front of like 90 kids. Haha so yeah, if you guys have any idea on any movies or TV shows I could get one from.. that'd be greatt! :D

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Busy weekend...

The first day of school was very hectic, with hundreds of kids roaming the halls trying to find their classes and what not. But it was a pretty good day, up until about 5th period when I got to global class. My teacher was a complete witch and my day just kept going downhill from there. Not so much the classes, but other things were happening that were not putting me in a happy mood at all. Especially at tennis practice, because a couple of my team mates were being jerks and it was really hot outside.

Friday was a much better day. I got my global teacher switched, actually I have the same global teacher I had last year now. He's a nutcase, but he's fun and much nicer. The whole day was pretty swell actually, especially living environment and theatre because as of right now they're my two favorite classes. Tennis practice was pretty fun too, even though it was even hotter outside.. but we finally got our schedule for matches and stuff. My first match is on Thursday and it's away! I can't wait.. wish me luck! :D
Friday after practice I went to Mikaela's house and we got ready and went out to eat at that little italian pizza place in our village.. and then we went up to the youth center at her church and I got to hang out with Ivy a whole bunch!!! And tons of other people, and it was just a wicked fun night.
OH BTW! MY PARENTS WENT AND GOT US A PUPPY WHILE I WAS AT SCHOOL! Her name is Lacey and she's a shih zu / poodle mix! I love her to deathhhh already! <333

Yesterday was Kelsey's birthday party, lots of people were there and we played volleyball and took pictures. Then me, Ivy, Taylor, Casey, and Lindsey all went to Kelsey's house and jumped on the trampoline, and laughed at everything, and then went to the beach and the midway and got icecream last night. It was definitely one of the funnest days/nights I've had in a while. And I got to hang out with Ivy literally like all day which was awesome! She left today :[ I already miss her but we're also already starting to make plans to get together again sometime soon! I can'ttt waittt :D

This morning was church, and then we had dance practice. That's about it though. Me, Casey and Kelsey wanted to hang out but I guess we can't. I'm going to go watch movies with my parents and play with my puppy. Have a nice day! =]

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The excitement rises inside me...

For today is the last day of Summer '08, and tomorrow will be the first day of my sophomore year in highschool. I'm sad to see this Summer season come to and end, seeing as it has been a very good one; but I'm also excited for the fresh start of a new school year that is soon to bring change and breakthrough in the area. I'm also really looking forward to seeing all my friends that I haven't seen all Summer, and making new ones! :D
We're not supposed to get our schedules until homeroom on the first day of school, but this kid I know, Caleb, sent my schedule to me over Myspace, because his mom works at our highschool:

A days: 1 Period: Living Environment LAB with Keller - I heard from many people that he's a nice guy, funny sometimes, and a good teacher. I've also heard that he's boring, but my friend Matt called him "the bomb!!!" Haha I guess we'll just have to see...

B days: 1 Period: Gym with Scharf - I had gym first period on A days last year! Haha and I met her last year, I'll like her because she knows all my cousins, they set a high rep for me to protect! Haha =]

2 Period: Living Environment with Deperno - I heard she's nice, a bit more strict than Keller.. but she brings in Guitar Hero sometimes! Hahah

3 Period: English AP with Walsh - She's wicked nice, and is an amazing singer! Never wears the same pair of shoes twice... Ah, I'm going to love this lady! :D

4 Period: Geometry with Keil - Everyone that had him last year said he's a bad teacher and has a dry sense of humor and can be a jerk. I might have to switch out of this class...

5 Period: Global History & Geography with Thomas - She's new, no one knows her. Haha

6 Period: Photo Journalism with Strebel - I met her last year, she's in the library a lot. Nice lady

7 Period: Lunch - AGAIN!

8 Period: Spanish with Watson - She randomly yelled at me last year for being at my locker. Some people hate her, some people love her. I'll just have to find out for myself I guess.....

9 Period: Theatre with Spear/DZ/Mininger - Spear & DZ are freaking awesome. I met them last year from doing the Spring play!! IDK Mininger

Yup, so that's about it. Youth group later tonight!!! I can't wait :D

Loves <3

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

That bonfire

was so much fun! I really enjoyed seeing and hanging out with all of my cousins and the rest of my fam! I was hoping i'd get to see them again before they all leave tomorrow, but i won't =[
Nastasha wants me to come over to California with her sometime though! that's where her and mandy live, and they said they'd love for me to come visit! I'm wicked excited. i've always wanted to go to cali, and it'd be awesome to spend time with my cousins. Mandy also said she'll take me shopping sometime! All my cousins have the cutest clothes. And nicole's baby, well.. 5 year old, ally is just adorable! and Angel's boyfriend Todd, is like the nicest guy ever. he's wicked cool! I'm hoping they have a wedding planned for us to all come to soon! that'd be fun because we'd get to travel for it and i love weddings! :D i remember nicole's wedding to kory, that was prolly one of the most fun times i've ever had! she made it into a mini vacation thing, on the lake.. it was like 3 days and the 2nd day was the wedding! :D

Yesterday was Labor Day, which.. i hope everyone had a good one! =] I know i did! I went on a 5-6 mile hike with my bestfriend, and my parents. And then we went swimming and walked on top of a water fall! And then came back to my house and just hung out for a while, we were all crazy and having a blast. i love my bestfriend! (mikaela)

Today i had tennis practice at 3.. I beat my coach at Queen of the Court! woohoo! :D And i hung out with my aunt and my cousin for a little while after practice..

Now i'm going to go eat some icecream and chips! (Regular potato chips dunked in vanilla icecream = DELICIOUS!)