Sunday, November 30, 2008

I finallly

got to go see Twilight. I went last night with my good friend Ashley, and we ended up running into Morgan and Jenn, and a bunch of other people we know from school. I didn't think Twilight was as good as everyone makes it out to be, but it was a pree good movie. And i would prolly recommend it to someone. I havent read the book either, so I think that says something.

Today after church i went to Burger King with Abbie and her mom, and then I went back to Abbie's house and we had a photo shoot before going iceskating with Mackenzie. I'd prolly post some pictures on here, but I accidentally left my camera with Abbie at her house and I won't see her again until Wednesday. (We go to different schools, and youth group is on Wednesday nights)

By the way, after church today, as an attempt to make things not so awkward between me and Ryne, i went over to him and everyone he was standing with to say hi. I made it a very casual, and in general "Hi guys!" to everyone that was standing there. Everyone said "HI SARA!" except Ryne, who wouldn't even look at me. Uhhh I can't stand the fact that he's being so darn immature. It ticks me off. But whatever. It's not like i did anything for him to be mad about. Honestly, i didn't do anything. I'd be the first to admit it if i did. I promise you. Just like when he told my friend Jon i was flirting and the reason he so called ended things, was because (he's a very jealous person) he would always be worried that it would get carried away. And i would FLIPPEN END UP CHEATING ON HIM!!! And let me get one thing straight. I would never ever in a million years, cheat on anyone. I mean we weren't even dating. Not that I ever wanted to. I just liked him a bit, but I wasn't really worried about flirting..because he did it too. He friggen told my best friend (while we were *talking*!!) that he wanted to kiss her, and he had his whole english class convinced that they were dating, because he was like holding her hand and stuff. And I was just being my normal, friendly self, and I understand how it could be interpreted wrong, because i tell everyone i love them and i give out free hugs all the time... But i never mean anything by it, and if anyone should know, it should be RYNE that i would never cheat on anyone. I hate when guys touch me, he knows that. And I WAS THE ONE WHO SLOWED DOWN WHATEVER IT WAS THAT WE HAD. Which was really nothing, but that's because of me. And I have been thanking God everyday for not letting the temptations get to me, and for giving me the strength that I needed to be STRONG AND SAY NO. Hahaha i sound like such a loser, but i dont care. Im ticked off. But whatever, I didnt do anything wrong. I was never mad at him for flirting, and all i did was agree that we shouldnt ever be in a relationship. I was the one who wanted to stay good friends. So I'm letting this be HIS problem.. Not mine.

Because, it IS his problem. The day he 'ended things' (even though i was already pretty sure we both agreed on ending it all a couple weeks ago..) But anyways he so called ended things on Thanksgiving. In a text message. In a very jerk-ish way, expecting me to be heart broken. Fully thinking that I would be. Knowing Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. And when he realized that i wasn't the least bit upset, he acted shocked. And now he's just being a total sarcastic, big fat jerk. And i cant stand it. I hate drama, and all i ever wanted was to be friends with him again. But right now, the only reason I care, other than the fact that we go to the same church and I'm extremely close with his entire family... But the other reason, and the more important reason, is that GOD HAS PLANS FOR US TO DO A LOT TOGETHER. Big things, to witness to people as a TEAM. How can we be a team, how can we work together, how can we be good examples of Christ if he's mad at me? If we're not even friends anymore...

I totally regret ever telling Ryne i liked him. But im so glad the most we did was hang out and talk. We never even held hands. Thank God. Im also glad I got to see this side of him.

I wish he'd go back with Amber. She still really likes him and they were GOOD together.

I am enjoying being single, for about 2 years now :)
It's my choice. And I think it's a pree dang good one.

Sorry guys, I needed to vent. I hope everyone had a wonderful day! Loves<3

Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday is boss.

Today i went shopping with my mom and my aunt. The mall was busy and crowded beyond words, but it was totally worth it considering all the sales. I seriously went all out buying accessories today. No clothes, just accessories. I got a bunch of scarves and hats, a necklace, and a new black leather bag to carry all of my books in at school. It's very classy and chique. I like it :) I also got my bestfriend Mikaela her Christmas present! (She's going to love it) And a couple t-shirts for my good friend Ashley & i to decorate on Monday when we stay after and watch the musical auditions. We've got plans to make sweet shirts to wear when we go see Godspell on Wednesday :) I also got my dress for Christmas ball, i have no shoes (preferably heels) to wear with it yet but i'm sure i'll find them soon enough.

Okay, well i think im going to go and watch Elf. Im pretty sure it's still my favorite Christmas movie... Even though by now i can pretty much quote the entire thing haha! ;D

Have a fab night.


Thursday, November 27, 2008


What does everyone do on this day? I love hearing about all of the different traditions...

My day consists of waking up and getting ready, watching the Macy's Day Parade till noon, then my grandparents come over and we have the good ole classic turkey dinner, then my mom, grandma and i clear the dining room table and clean the kitchen, and then my dad, grandpa and i watch football and sometimes take a nap. haha Then we all have dessert, and decorate our Christmas tree and dance around the house to Christmas music!!! It really puts everyone into the holiday spirit :)

Later this evening my parents and i are going to my Aunt Cori & Uncle Frank's house because it's my Aunt Cori's birthday.. and we're also going to go to my cousin Rebecca's house because she always has a big Thanksgiving party with a bunch of my daddy's side of the fam. We know how to have fun :)

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Grandma's eyes are closed^ haha :P

Monday, November 24, 2008

I am beyond tired. I havent slept at allll lately, and today has felt like such a long day. My english teacher came over to me during class today to see if i was okay and gave me a half hug and started rubbing my back. She knows i've been stressed out and tired and getting a lot of headaches lately so she told me i can hand in all my english work a couple days late if i need to. Im already done with it, i got all caught up and stuff yesterday. But it means a lot that she cares :)

I stayed after for that class today with Ryne, Jon, Melissa, Brandy and Alyshea. Audition rehearsals for the musical were tonight from 3-5, but i didnt end up going. Im just too tired, i cant do it. Ryne, Ashley and I decided that we're going to do some behind the scenes stuff for it though, just so we can be a part of the theatre family and a bit of the fun. I want to be an usher for the actual performance days and maybe even be a sound chick. We'll see :)

Tonight was also the night for a bunch of kids to go with some of the teachers in our school's english department to see Twilight at the marquee. I didnt get to go, im too freaking tiredddddddd. I need a nap. Good night.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Ah health!

Wow, i havent posted in over a week. This week was production week for our fall play the Taming of the Shrew as you already know, and it went GREAT. It was extremely stressful, and i ended up getting really behind in my english class, but im all caught up now. Im exhausted though. But the performances on Friday and Saturday night were both unbelievably great, there was even a pretty good turn out considering the blizzards we've been getting the past few days. I'll put up a couple pictures out of the HUNDREDS that we took later on.. haha

Oh and by the way, the 'thing' that me and Ryne had going on is over. We've both decided that neither of us are mature enough for a relationship right now, and that we both need to do some changing before we take it to the next step. So we have decided to stop focusing on eachother as any more than just good friends, and to keep our minds on everything that's going for us now. God has big plans for us to do so many great things for him together, as a team, and neither of us are willing to risk that for anything. Besides, if it's in God's plan for us to be together, it'll all play itself out when the time is right.
Believe me, i know i sound strong and everything through all of this, but it was hard for me at first. Im slowly recognizing that being best friends is better than anything anyways :)
Although, i still think i like him... just a little bit... :/
Maybe? Maybe not.

UPDATE 11/28:
I AM OFFICIALLY, 100% OVER RYNE. He is such a jerk as anything more than a friend. Honestly, im so glad i got to see that side of him before we actually persued anything. He's too conceited, down on himself, immature, girl crazzyy, rude, selfish, and definitely not strong enough in faith to be anywhere near my perfect match. He also got way too jealous whenever I hung out or talked to or hugged a guy other than him, but of course HE could flirt all he wanted with every girl that walked by. Not that i care, we werent even close to dating. But I DO think he's been getting pree dang jealous of Cameron texting me non stop lately, and all this other stuff. We're pree close friends you knowwwwwww ;) But I am delighted beyond words that me and Ryne are still pree good friends though. We need to be, for many reasons. And i still think he's a cool kid... as a friend ;)

There's wayWAY too many to post them all, but here's just a couple of my favs:
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Jami, me, Maggie, Nora & Shelby in the prep/dressing room :)

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Mikaela, Nora, Shelby & me in the prep/dressing room

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My fav boa girls: Kayla, Ashlyn, me & Jami.. CURTAIN CALL! :D

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Me, Maggie & Kelli in the prep/dressing room

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Sam, Jami & me in the prep/dressing room


Sunday, November 16, 2008

Foreign kids are cool kids.

I had a pretty good week. Rehearsal's been going well, our dances are finally starting to look GOOD. The play is this Friday and Saturday coming up, im getting so excited. I love being on stage, it's a feeling that everyone should experience. Along with the sky coaster at six flags... but that's another story ;)
Friday there were a bunch of exchange students at our school just to visit, theyre from other districts but it was pretty cool getting to meet them. There were kids from all over the place.. Czech Republic, Germany, Sweden, Japan, some place near Khazakstan, and a couple other places. After rehearsal on Friday i went to the youth center at my best friend Mikaela's church, it's a community thing that goes on every friday for the kids of the village... and this week it ended up being on the schedule for the exchange students and their host families for the weekend to attend. I hung out with Cameron the whole time, since i hadn't seen him in a couple weeks. I had fun :)
Yesterday i went shopping for a little bit with my mom and my grandma. I got a hat, a couple scarves and shirts, a pair of moccassins that are completely amazing haha and a coat. Then we went to the marquee and saw Changeling. I seriously cried the whole movie. Hands down, it was the best movie i have ever seen. Very convicting and realistic to the point where i wanted to jump into the movie screen and beat up a couple doctors and police men, asian style. Hahaha I definitely recommend it..
Today i went to church, my grandparent's came, and a few of the exchange students that stayed with our pastor's family and Rachel's family were there. Jon, Kyohei, Chris, Igore, and the kid from near Khazakstan but I forgot his name. They all seemed to really enjoy it, which i think is awesome. I really like Chris, by the way. He's pretty friendly, and absolutely GORGEOUS. He's from Sweden. I'm going to miss him. I wish we could have had a longer time to get to know eachother and stuff. Oh wellll. I think Jon might end up staying with Casey/Cameron/Ryne/Dan/Pastor Dan&Pearl's family for the rest of the year. I sure hope so, he seems pretty cool too. After church my grandparent's took me out to eat at this Italian restaraunt in our city, they have delicious food.

I think i'm going to go watch Knocked Up. I havent seen that movie in a while and Dan and Ryne were talking about it the other day and made me want to watch it again.

Check out my friend's band...
They just recorded their first song!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Boy you're pretty spectacular.

Yesterday was such a good day for me. Science is my favorite class, i always get a good laugh in there. Im pretty sure i got a good grade on my project too :)
Study hall was fun with alec, and photo journalism was good too. And theatre, omgshhh me and Ashley can have so much fun when we're together. We laugh so hard we cry. OLD PEOPLE DEAD PUPPIES! hahahahaha :D

After school I hung out with Ryneeee :)
We were outside pretty much the whole time and froze our buttttts off, but I had a wonderful time. I always do when i chill with him :) At one point we were just walking, neither of us knowing where we'd end up, but we were walking across this bridge and he pretended he was going to push me off, and i got kinda scared so i was trying to run away from him, but he kept chasing after me and grabbing me, it was suuper adorable in a weird sort of way :) Then we went to the other bridge, the one we always seem to end up at, and sat on the same bench as last time, by the water and talked. We were so cold we were both shivering like crazzzy, but he put his arm around me and we sat like that for a while :D until the cold was too much to bare and we ended up walking to McDonald's for the last half hour-ish before my rehearsal.

Rehearsal last night was funn, btw. I learned the salsa :) And the play is next weekend! Nov 21 and 22, babehhhhh!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Baby, you just don't get it.

Church this morning was amazing. Even though Pastor Pearl, Casey and Cameron weren't there. But everyone else was, and church is always amazing anyways.

Ryne told me he wrote a list of all the things he loves about me.. I think that's sweet :)

Hey does anyone know what they want for Christmas yet? Has anyone even begun thinking about it yet? Haha.. I know I have, but maybe that's just because my mom's been asking me what I want and I honestly don't really know this year. Or maybe it's cause one of my best friends (Ashley) is so beyond obsessed with Christmas time and has been singing Christmas songs to me all weekend that it is beginning to rub off on me. Or maybe it's just because Christmas is my absolute favorite time of the year AND my favorite holiday...

Saturday, November 8, 2008

My school lost the varsity football game at the dome by ONE TOUCH DOWN. But it was suchhhh a good game, and we had suchhh a great season, so I totally think it was worth skipping rehearsal to be able to attend that game last night. Especially because I got to hang out with Ryne for a while :)
Not just him of course.. Mikaela, Jon, Gage, Alec, Cody, and a tonnnn of other people were there too. But that's cool, I'm glad our school had so much support! :D The closer Ryne sat to me, I'd get so nervous. He gave me goosebumps everytime his leg would even brush against mine... Ahhhh :D
Before the game last night I went to the mall with Mikaela and helped her pick out some clothes because she wanted to spend her birthday money. And I found out that I have a new infatuation with hats.. (And sunglasses, but we already knew that ;))

Today I stayed home all day, worked on my science project and my english homework a bit, practiced memorizing my line for the play (WHICH I'VE FINALLLLY ACCOMPLISHED, BTW!) and my grandparent's came over for a little while. Then I watched a movie with my parents. No matter how many times I see 1408, it never ceases to creep me out. Haha

I ALSO told my parents, (mostly my mom) all about me and Ryne. From how much I like him to how I want to wait it out, and I gave her my reasons. Mom's proud of me and she's definitely okay with the fact that I like Ryne. She just wants me to talk to her before we actually decide to date. I mentioned this all to Ryne, and he said he wants to talk to her too. Haha.. he's such a gentleman :)

Thursday, November 6, 2008

I'd give you my heart if you would take me as i am...

If you guys have never heard the song "I'd Give You The Moon" by Jake Coco, you're missing out on an AMAZING acoustic song and I definitely suggest you listen to it right away! :)

Yesterday after school I hung out with Ryne again, one on one. We walked down by the bridge again, but this time sat on the other side, on the benches, with beautiful Fall leaves covering the ground and tons of bare trees surrounding us. We sat there and talked NON STOP (and laughed) for hours. From something as simple as the feeling you get before you get on a rollercoaster, to something as complex and hard to say as things we've done in our past that we regret. I've discovered so many new things about him and his life in just the past few days, finding out he's not perfect.. But still liking him more and more each day. When it was about 5 o'clock, he walked me to the highschool because I had rehearsal at 5:30. Before I went in the auditorium, we were both out in the hallway, all alone again, just looking into eachother's eyes, kinda smiling a bit, and he goes: "I really want to kiss you right now." I got all fluttery inside, smiled real big, and looked down. Just so you guys know, we didn't kiss. But I love how he's so open, we seriously talk about EVERY feeling we have built up inside of us. We're taking this slow though, because we both want it to be right SO BAD. He's different than any guy I've ever met, true and sincere with every word he says.. funny, open, honest, caring, sweet, outgoing.. He plays the guitar, writes me notes, brings me apples cause he knows they're my favorite fruit, dances with me and Mary in the middle of the hallway when we're supposed to be in class, doodles, writes lyrics, sings, and is so talented beyond words.

Let me be completely honest; when we hugged goodbye last night, (before I went in the auditorium) I seriously felt so comfortable in his arms. Like I was supposed to be there. Like his arms are meant for me. I didn't want to ever let go. I've never felt that way during a hug before, and believeee meeee, I have hugged MANY people. I love hugs. Haha it's corny, I know, but it's true. But anyways, he ended up staying at my rehearsal the whole time, just so he could spend more time with me.. :)

Today after school I walked across the street to McDonald's with Kelsey and Ashley, we ate and laughed histerically at everything and at nothing, and then went to rehearsal from 3 till 5. I have a line in our play now, I just got it yesterday and the play is in about 2 weeks.. Oh g's..

Tomorrow is a half day and I only have to go to my afternoon classes like photo journalism, global, spanish and theatre. After school my parents are picking up me and Mikaela and we're going to this huge mall about an hour away. Hopefully afterwards we can go to the varsity football game at the dome. It's a HUGE deal that our school is finallly going to the dome again, we haven't been there in 5 years. I hope we win so we can go to states! And I hope I get to go watch both games! :D

Okay, well i'm going to go sing and dance around my room. Haha!
Lovesss <3

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Honestly, I have never cared so much about an election in my entire life. Actually, i never even used to care if i ever got the chance to vote. Haha but this year is different, and maybe that's because I am now a sophomore in high school, getting closer and closer to the age where it's actually going to matter, and realizing that whoever our president ends up being, is going to have a lot of control over our country, either bringing it down or rising it up. Bringing me to my point... I really hope John McCain wins this year's election. Although, he doesn't seem to have a very good chance of it.... :(

Yesterday after school I hung out with Brandy and Ryne! Ryne and I stayed after with Brandy to talk about Jesus. She asked us to, so we did. She ended up getting saved right in the middle of our school library! It was awesomeee, dudeeeee. Then Brandy got picked up around 4, and I had the rest of the time to spend with Ryne.. Just me and him. We talked for hours, pretty much non stop, about everything. He told me he's actually starting to fall for me.... and all this other sweet, (yet incredibly corny) stuff... That just makes me melt.

My favorite moment of yesterday evening that I thought was just the cutest thing everr, was when Ryne walked me back to the school for my play rehearsal. It was night time and really cold outside so we walked in the doors of the school, and sat on the window sill together in the dimmed hallway by the auditorium, where my rehearsals were supposed to take place. It was just the two of us in the hallway, and he says "My heart is pounding really fast." and i was like "So is mine." and he grabs my hand, and puts it on his chest. His heart really WAS beating abnormally fast, haha, I seriously thought it was going to explode into the palm of my hand... He told me I give him that feeling normally... :)

Tomorrow I plan on hanging out with Ryne again before rehearsal, this time just the two of us for the WHOLE time... and I have full cast rehearsal from 530 - 8. Then there's no youth group tomorrow night, which is pretty sad :(

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Birthday Mikaela! <3333

Today is my best friend's birthday, she's finallly 15. While the rest of us are turning 16. Haha and I'm sick with a bad cold. But we've got plans to hang out today anyways. Her original ideas were either to go to the movies to see Saw 5.. or go to Wal*Mart, take CRAZZZY pictures, buy tons of groceries and eat in the middle of the store, tell random people about Jesus, and then go iceskating! Hahaha i'm hoping we can do a combonation of all that.. but we'll see.
Later on tonight there's two parties.. Jami's Halloween party and Rachel's Fall season party. I'm hoping I can go to at least one of them for a little while. But if not, that's ok! :D

Yesterday was Halloween! We had a half day at school, and then I went to Casey/Ryne/Cameron & Dan's house and we watched movies, ate dinner, and then just walked around town for the day. It was a fun time :)

By the way! Youth group this past wednesday, was THE BEST. We spent more time worshiping and praising than in service. It was amazing, I felt so close to God that night. I was so convicted, and Pastor Jonnie randomly came up to me with some encouraging/convicting words that I will never forget. I love my pastors and everyone in my youth group x's 10.

And yeahhh... I'm definitely starting to like Ryne a whole lott..... He writes me notes everyday in school and gives me random hugs in the middle of the hallway. Sometimes he even comes in my global and math classes just to see me and make a scene. Our conversations make me smile for a lifetime, and I can just be myself around him. He's probably my best friend that's a guy, so I don't know where that will lead us too.... Pray, pray pray...