Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Adios 2008!

Today is the last day of 2008; the year of so many opportunities, new friends, growth, experiences, and change. I will never forget this past year, not only because it was my favorite year out of the 15 that I have experienced, but it was also filled with so many lasting memories. I met so many new people, learned so many new things, and discovered the person I really am supposed to be. I'll never forget my freshman year in highschool, the first play I was in, the friends I made, and the good times I had. I've grown in my faith more than ever before and I visited the city I've always dreamed of visting, finally able to say "I love NY" officially.

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However, no matter how many wonderful things occurred in 2008, there is no reason to be sad to see it pass because I know that it was only a stepping stone for what God has planned for each and every one of us in 2009. And I'm ready. I'm ready to see my prophecies be fulfilled, every church in the country expand, and more souls be saved starting on January 1st. Keep praying everybody, because God has big plans for you as well.

I have plans to make my last day of 2008 as memorable as the rest of it was by going to the movies with my rents to see Seven Pounds. After that, I'll be going to my friend Kelsey's house for the night with my best friend Mikaela and my other friend Ivy, who I haven't seen since September.

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Me & Ivy back in September

I hope all of you have a wonderful new year and I should be posting again tomorrow...


Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I've been tagged, once again! :D

Thanks Katie!

8 TV Shows I Watch:
1. House
2. Degrassi
3. What I Like About You
4. The Secret Life of the American Teenager
5. So You Think You Can Dance
6. American Idol
7. Friends
8. The Ellen Degeneres Show

8 Favorite Restaraunts:
1. Panera Bread
2. Golden Corrale
3. Ponderosa
4. Subway :)
5. Texas Roadhouse
6. Mangia y Bevi
7. Wherever we went in Times Square last April to eat cheesecake and french fries at 1 in the morning.
8. La Roma's

8 Things That Happened To Me Today:
1. I went and got my hair highlighted and trimmed.
2. Cameron texted me with a random question and made me laugh.
3. I got my eyebrows waxed for the first time ever and it hurt 10 x's more than my cartilage piercing since Nancy ripped some skin off in the process.
4. I went to the library and checked out Jane Eyre.
5. I visited my grandparent's for a little while.
6. I ate a push pop!!! Man, I hadn't had one of those things in forever.
7. Taylor apologized to me.
8. I read a magazine.

8 Things I Look Forward To:
1. Finding my perfect match :)
2. Going to Florida with Mikaela
3. The next production we put on at school! :D
4. Maryland in February with my church
5. Chillen with Ivy tomorrow at Kelsey's house for New Years!!!
6. The new year in general...
7. Meeting Josh in person
8. Becoming tighter than spandex with Jonnie again :)

8 Things I Wish For:
1. My future husband to come along and sweep me off my feet ahah
2. World peace
3. Jon to get saved
4. My parents to come to church with me
5. My parents to allow me to get baptised on Sunday
6. I wish that I win the hip shaking competition against Cameron :)
7. I also wish that Cameron liked me :/
8. And that I could be close with Ryne again

And now I suppose I have to tag four people....

Monday, December 29, 2008

I got my cartilage pierced!!!

I was so nervous to do it, but I've wanted it done for the longest time and while I was at the mall with my grandma and my mom today, I decided to just get it over with and go through with it. It hardly hurt at all, and I smiled the entire time. Here's a photo :)

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I spent way too much money today. I bought 2 shirts, a necklace, and 2 pairs of earrings from Charlotte Russe; a t shirt and a scarf from American Eagle; and a hoody, a cardigan, 2 hats, and a bright yellow skirt from H&M.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

One crazy day

this morning was amazing! I woke up ready and expecting something big to happen, and I was right! God is really starting to move in our church more than ever, and I think everyone feels it. So many people were in tears and receiving prophetic words left and right; it was unbelievable. And I got more into worship than ever before. Pastor Dan's message was incredible, life changing, convicting- all those great things. He preached about it being the end of the year and how 2008 was the stepping stone for all the big things God has planned for 2009. He told us to prepare ourselves, because there's going to be a big change coming and we're going to be a huge part of it. I'm so excited I can hardly contain myself!!!! :D

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Cameron & Mercedeez
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Abbie & Mercedeez

Then after church...
Mikaela, Mercedeez, Cameron, Ryne, Taylor, Bobby and I all went to Taco Bell. We hung out for a little while and ate some lunch, and then Shaler came and gave me, Mikaela and Mercedeez a ride to the iceskating rink so we could all go iceskating with Abbie and Mackenzie. That lasted about 10 minutes, cause the place was so packed you could hardly move, and my skates nor Mercedeez's skates fit us and we ended up with massive blisters in the matter of about 5 minutes. But then Mikaela, Mercedeez and I went to the movies to see Yes Man with Cameron. Today was hectic, but it ended up being wildy fun too. I'm so glad I got to hang out with Mercedeez today, I haven't seen her since the summer and I missed her so much!

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Mikaela, Mercedeez & me
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Me & Mercedeez!

I have the funniest friends. ahah :)

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Mercedeez & Ryne
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Taylor & Mercedeez

Good night! ;)

Saturday, December 27, 2008

My creative side..

  • Ever since I was little, I've had an intense love for writing - especially poems. On Christmas Eve, I wrote my first song. Let me know what you think! It's called You're The Reason.

great, the snow is falling slow
wrap me in a great big bow...and tear me apart
it's christmas time so set the presents aside
tell me that you'll be here and open my heart

cause you say that
you say things will be okay
and i know that
i know that you are my savior

and i know that

it's still christmas if the snow don't fall
cause youre the one who saved us all
forget our worries because after all
it's christmas time

and it's all for you

people walk across the busy road
no joy in this christmas cheer, theyre falling apart
a cozy place, made out of wood and grass
look at us tonight, bring us together

and you said that
you said that things will be okay
and i know that
i know that you are the reason why

and i know that

it's still christmas if the snow don't fall
cause youre the one who saved us all
forget our worries because after all
it's all for you

and ive been praying that you would come
its hard cause i feel so alone
but i just want you to take me home

and ive been praying that you would come
its hard cause i feel so alone
and i just want you to take me home

it's still christmas if the snow don't fall
cause youre the one who saved us all
forget our worries because after all
it's christmas time

it's still christmas if the snow don't fall
youre right here to keep me safe and sound
forget our worries because after all
it's all for you

it's christmas time again
and all of us, all of us are smiling

because of You

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  • AND ALSO! Describe your ideal match, your perfect guy, your prince charmin. I'm doing an independent study and it'd really help me out a lot. Thanks! :)

Friday, December 26, 2008

Silly questions and love songs

  • Currently...
Listening to: Light On - David Cook
Reading: Picture Perfect - Elaine Marie Alphin
Talking to: Jenna on AIM, Cameron & Mikaela in text

  • Today...
It's the day after Christmas, and I spent most of it watching movies and reading that book. I finally finished it, and it's definitely one I'd reccommend. I also went into the city for a little bit to do some exchanges, and ended up running into this kid I used to get on the school bus with a couple years ago. He's working at JC Penney now a days. I also saw my friend's mom at Wal*Mart. She goes to my church :)

  • Topic of the Day...

Flirting. My friend Cameron, that you have all heard so much about, has yet again inspired me on something to post about. He texted me a little while ago asking the question "How far has a boy gone to hit on you?" I was quite surprised, but it gave me a good laugh. He always seems to be able to do that for me :) But anyways, I think he might have asked me this because the other day, when we were talking about what we are looking for in our perfect match, I had said something about wanting a guy that will stand out and be different from all the rest, and who is able to catch my attention. So anyways, I bring myself to the question of the day..

Question: What is something a guy has done for you, that has really made him stand out in some way?

My Answer: There's actually quite a few things that stick out in my mind, but the thing that happened most recently was this kid wrote me a song on guitar; lyrics, chords and all...It's kind of a love song but it's also a Christmas song because he knows how much I enjoy this holiday. I thought it was really sweet, and he's going to sing it to me when we hang out.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

I couldn't sleep at all last night, I don't know if it was because of my excitement or what, but I couldn't sleep. I stayed up till midnight texting Cameron about our ideal future husbands and wives, and then I finally forced myself to sleep. I slept about 4 hours, and then woke up again and was wide awake for about a half an hour. I officially woke up around 7, to the sound of my parents and grandparents downstairs making coffee and attempting to stay quiet. I gave everyone their good morning hugs, and Mom made me hot chocolate with extra marshmellows and whipped cream before we all opened our presents. I got a ton of giftcards, clothes, scarves, hats, jewlery, makeup, shoes, legwarmers, peanut butter M&M's, Juicy Couture perfume, pajamas, and orange iPod headphones from my parents. I also got the David Cook CD, which I thought was kind of funny because that's what I had bought Mom for Christmas, along with the Beyonce CD I burnt for her. I got Daddy a bible, and I wrote my grandparent's a really long poem and framed it for them. When they read it, they both got all choked up and teary eyed, which triggered my tears as well. It was a very touching moment, and by far the best part of my morning. After breakfast my grandparent's left to go home, and my parents and I got ready to go to their house for lunch. We got there around noon, and I opened more presents there. Again I got clothes, shoes, pajamas, scarves, and a really squishy orange pillow. (Can you tell orange is my favorite color yet?) I also got 2 bottles of the Slice Of Heaven lotion and shower gel from Victorias Secret from my Aunt Norma and Uncle Sal. After lunch/dinner or whatever you want to call it, we took a couple pictures, and watched a few old home videos from when I was like 2-4 years old. Most of them were from around Christmas time. In one of the videos, it was Christmas morning and my grandparent's and parent's were all sitting around the Christmas tree watching me open presents like usual...there was music playing in the background and I started to dance while I waited for Dad to take the doll I had just unwrapped out of the box. Then a few minutes later, you see Grandpa (or rather, Rrrampa) trying to teach me how to shake my hips. So I'd just like to say that my dancing skills are all inherited from Grandpa. Hahah he's always been my best friend :)

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After we left my grandparent's house, my parent's and I came back home for a little while to drop off presents and relax for a little while. During this time, I talked to Josh on AIM for a little while and finished writing my original Christmas song. Today is Josh's birthday by the way, so happy birthday Joshyyy! :D AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO JESUS, TOO!!! :D

But anyways, we went to my Aunt Cori and Uncle Frank's house around 6... (They live across the street.) This has always been my favorite part of Christmas, for so many reasons.
1. We're getting together with Dad's side of the fam, who I hardly ever see.
2. You never know who you're actually GOING to see.
3. Every single person on Dad's side of the fam is a good way :)

This year not as many people were there as usual...only Aunt Cori &Uncle Frank, Mom & Dad, Jane & Carmen, Aunt Sherry & Uncle John, Aunt Connie, Grammy, and my cousins Stacy & John, Rebecca, Sherry Danielle, Josephine, Adam, and Kyle were there. Along with Rebecca's friend Dave and Josephine's boyfriend Matt. Usually there's a whole lot more people, and it's kind of sad that my cousins Nicole, Nastasha, Angel and Amanda didn't come home this year. But it's understandable, since they all live SO far away. We all still had fun anyways, doing the Chinese Christmas and goofing around like we always do. I also got a really pretty scarf, a pair of silver Lia Sofia earrings, and a giftcard from my Aunt Connie and cousin Adam. And I got an adorable model-like hat and scarf from my Aunt Cori and Uncle Frank. I can't wait to take pictures in the hat, it reminds me of those hats you see on all the models in the Teen Vogue magazines. Tis amazing :)

Merry Christmas everybodyyy! I think i'mma go watch a movie with my mom since dad already went to sleep since he has to work tomorrow...Lamesauce. ahah but yeah good night and I hope everyone had a fantastical Christmas :)

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas Eve!

I made some scrambled eggs, hot chocolate and watched Elf this morning. My grandparent's should be here around 4; dinner is at 5. I'm so excited, we always have a big dinner on Christmas Eve, completed with an assortment of delicious desserts afterwards. My grandparent's always spend the night on Christmas Eve and after dinner we either watch a Christmas movie, or an old home video, and take lots of pictures. And sometimes I open a gift or two before everyone goes to bed.

I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas :)

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas Eve...Eve :)

You can all look at me as one of those crazy people who go shopping too close to Christmas now, because I've been at the mall all day with Casey, Cameron, Ryne and their parents. All of my Christmas shopping is done, so I pretty much just went along for the ride, and didn't buy anything except for a phone cover. I mostly just walked around and tried on clothes with Casey, keeping her company while her family shopped for everyone..but at one point Cameron told me to come shopping with him, so I did. We hung out just the two of us for a couple hours, walking around the mall, going in and out of stores, goofing around, and talking. We danced and yelled at eachother in H&M, I helped him pick out some stuff for Casey for Christmas, and we gave eachother some fashion advice and tried on hats. We also had a couple deep conversations, that made us lose track of what we were actually supposed to be doing a few times. He opened up to me about how it takes a lot for him to like a girl, and told me all about his most recent crush..and how it ended. We also exchanged a few silly stories and I brought up a few significant points of my own. I really enjoyed hanging out with just him, talking and goofing around for those few hours. He makes me think and then really listens to what I have to say. That's one of the many things I love about him :)

When we finally met up with everyone else again, we all sat in the middle of the mall and started singing Christmas songs. A whole bunch of people stopped to watch us and listen. This was by far my favorite part of the day :)

We all went to Burger King for dinner, ahah I sat with Casey, Cameron and Ryne. I think Ry was a bit jealous that I'd been chillen with his brother so much that day, since he barely talked to me at all even though I sat straight across from him. Then Ryne and Cameron got into what they both are looking for in a girl, Cameron saying how he has such high expectations (a lot like me) and how he wants a girl that's kind of shy, but outgoing at the same time. Like..someone who is shy at times but can stand out and be an idiot at other times. Which, not to sound conceited or anything, but that's how I am. Ryne's looking for a hot Asian chick who loves God; and that's about it. He's so shallow. It's so weird how they're so different, but it makes me think.

Oh my gosh...I almost forgot. Casey made me ride on one of those little kid rollercoaster rides in the middle of the mall where you put in a quarter and it moves you all over the place. She recorded it on my phone ahah and if I can figure out how, I'll post it up on here sometime.
I'm going to watch House.

I can't believe tomorrow's Christmas Eve!!!!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Happy Birthday Mom!

I got her the Mama Mia DVD.
We're going to watch it later when my dad gets home with the pizza.

Christmas is in 3 days!!! I can't believe it.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Gift


Today was our Christmas service at church. Not even just the sanctuary, but the WHOLE church was decorated so elegantly and so unbelievably beautiful this morning. There were lights, flowers, and Christmas decorations everywhere. It looked so nice!!
To be honest, I've never been to a Christmas service before, so this was a new experience for me. I really enjoyed it though, and a bunch of new people came for a visit. It was so different from our normal Sunday service, nobody preached and we didn't really sing any worship songs.. although we did sing a few Christmas carols about Jesus. A few people went up to perform, either with their own original Christmas song that they wrote themselves, or to sing an already well known song. The nativity scene was also performed, and it was beautiful.
Everyone was so dressed up and cheerful this morning, it pushed me even more into the spirit of Christmas and I now even more appreciate the reason it is celebrated.

Oh hey, do you want to hear something weird?
Last night, I had a dream with Casey, Cameron, and Ryne all in it. When I walked into church this morning, I was still thinking about the dream because it was so random and weird that it was still replaying itself in my mind, trying to figure out if it had any meaning to it or something. But anyways, I walked in the sanctuary and almost immediately was greeted by Cameron and Casey on stage. They were getting everything ready for this morning's service. I went up to join them, and Cameron was like "You were in my dream last night!" Then Casey told me I was in her dream too. Oy, I don't know. There's probably no importance of this at all, I just thought it was kind of incredible...if I do say so myself :P

4 days till Christmas!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Christmas party!

My friend Casey is coming over in a little while, and we're going to go for a walk down the road and through this beautiful Winter Wonderland. We have to go to my aunt's house and get some cherries, so we can come back here and bake chocolate chip cookies for Christmas! Our youth group's Christmas party is tonight at 630, and I'm definitely looking forward to it a lot. I can't believe it's officially been a year since I first started going to my church, not knowing anyone other than Cameron..but today being friends with absolutely every kid in the youth group. Abbie's making me an anniversary card because it's been one year since we first met. I remember sitting in a chair at the Christmas party last year, with my friend Morgan (I brought her along for moral support, since she'd been to the church a couple times before) and Cameron coming up to me and introducing Abbie as his adorable little cousin, while having his arm around her. She's the only person I really remember first meeting, and I don't know why it sticks out to me so much. But anyways, I can't wait to see Melissa tonight!!! I haven't seen her in what seems like forever :/ And Katie! She's going to college in NYC now, so I hardly ever see her anymore. But she's home for Christmas- so YAY! :D


Omgsh!!! The Christmas party was so much fun!!! :D
We ate a lot and played Family Feud. Sarah V, Kelsey B, Yifei, and Emma were on my team. We had to make up a story about our family, so we said that we were all sisters, and the only one not adopted was Yifei. She's our exchange student this year, from China, by the way. We called ourselves the Vandenbachicairchli's. It's all of our last names mixed together. Haha! :)
Then we had a raffle, and my friend Mackenzie won an iPod touch!! (Last year Travis won it)
Afterwards we sang Christmas carols and danced around the church, hugged everyone, and then left. The party was supposed to end at 830, but it didn't end up being over until after 9. Haha oh well, I think everyone had a blast! :D
Sarah came over for a bit after the party, she just left a little while ago.

5 days till Christmas!!!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas break kick off!!

It's officially Christmas break, and we got out of school super early today, because it was supposed to start blizzarding around noon. Well, the weather channel was right! The snow is starting to pour out of the sky as I type this. I'm looking out my window, and I think the winter wonderland is actually going to stick around for a while this time. Let's hope so!


I just realized that I forgot to wrap presents! But what better way to kick off Christmas vacation than wrapping presents and listening to Christmas music? So that's what I plan on doing :) As of right now, it looks like Christmas exploded in the basement and my bedroom because of all the wrapping paper, boxes, tissue paper, ribbons, stickers, and bags galore laying all over the place. I like it though, it's really putting me in the Christmas spirit...Even more than I already was!

Christmas is in 6 days!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Buddy the elf, what's your favorite color?

elf Pictures, Images and Photos

Today is national 'say "BUDDY THE ELF, WHAT'S YOUR FAVORITE COLOR?" when you answer the phone' day!

Madrigal Feast was tonight!!! There were a few mess ups, but all in all it went really well since it was so relaxed and laid back. Spear (one of the directors) said that the Herald and Steward part (that's me and Ashley) was the best part of the whole show. And it was a 2 and a half hour show!!! To get a compliment like that from Spear, is like beyond amazing...because he's seriously one of the most critical and intimidating people I have ever met in my entire life. So i feel pretty dang proud of myself right about now :)

Pictures soon...

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Clown noses and rosy cheeks

We had a 2 hour delay at school today.
&I just got home from the little kids Christmas party at church. It went really well, and we all had to dress up like clowns. It was pretty fun!

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Cameron told Rachel he likes me, by the way. I'm pretty sure he was just kidding..since he was the one that informed me about it. But he did tell me that I should be Mary for the nativity scene that we're performing on Sunday at church, since he's Joseph. And he announced to everyone that I'm his wife to be, while hugging me real tight. Ha...what a funny kid ;P

Monday, December 15, 2008

What's big and green and would hurt if it fell out of a tree?

(I'm pretty sure I have the best global class, and teacher in the whole wide world)

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I must admit, I'm quite sick of Ryne's mood swings. He either loves me or hates me... but right now it's somewhere in between. I think we're going to be close friends, yet again, ahah. Mary brought me another apple from Ryne in English class today. (He knows of my infatuation with apples ahah) That was the first breakthrough point, so I thought. But in photo journalism; me, Ryne and Mikaela had to go around the school and take pictures for the little kids book we're supposed to be making. That didn't work out too well, because Ryne was in a spaced off mood and none of us were in the mood to take pictures (for once) So we stopped by the cafeteria to visit with all the kids enjoying their lunch that period. Finally Mikaela and I left Ryne at a table with AJ, Alyshea, Tiffany, Mark, Freddie, Gage, and all of them..and went back to class to chill with Tyler and Hannah until the bell rang. Then before spanish, I was walking back from my locker with my friend Casey, and I spot Ryne standing ahead of us a little bit with AJ and Freddie. When he saw me, he yelled my name kind of excitedly and gave me the apple. Him, Bruce, Alec and AJ had written me 'love notes' all over it with a sharpie. That seriously made my day :)

I stayed after school AGAIN today with Ashley to rehearse. (Mad Feast is on Thursday!)
I didn't have my phone with me, but when I finally checked it to see if I had any text messages or missed calls from my mom... I noticed I did have missed calls. Three of them...all from Ryne. He left me a voice mail saying how he loves me and misses me, in a friendly way, and that he thinks we should hang out soon and catch up..because he misses how things used to be and we used to have a good time whenever we were together. I agree, and I personally think it would be a wonderful idea if it weren't for all the snow and the near zero weather.


by Natalie :)

I've never done one of these before, so I hope I do this right. Hahah but here are my eight random facts:

1. I can't stand it when people touch my knees.
2. I used to be afraid of the toilet flushing, the wind, and cameras when I was in kindergarten and younger.
3. I'm extremely optimistic; most people I know haven't seen me upset before and don't even think it's possible. Ha
4. I've always been pretty smart, staying on high honors and stuff like that..but I tend to lack a bunch of common sense and logic at times. (Sorry Natalie, I kind of stole this one from you..but it's true for me as well!)
5. I have an infatuation with apples, as I have previously mentioned in this post.
6. I was supposed to be a twin, but before I was born I had to force myself to grow and my twin was apparently too big.
7. I wish I had red in my hair.
8. I don't like cake, cupcakes, donuts, pie, most cookies, icecream, or muffins (unless they're blueberry)

And now I have to tag 8 people? Coolll :)

Random question: Is cheesecake cake or pie? Hahaha i've been wondering this since sixth grade and no one has ever given me a straight answer :P

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Don't forget: bring an easy bake oven, a tuba, and a swim suit.

The famous words of Cameron, right there^

HAHAHA! Last night he texted me while I was getting ready for the dance and asked if I was going...I said yeah and he texted me back and said that I lied to him. (Tuesday night when we were all at the church practicing for this Wednesday's little kids Christmas party I had told him that I wasn't going to the dance unless he goes, even though he's graduated. Haha) But I told him I wasn't lieing and that I had been talked into it by Mikaela. Then he texted me back and was like "Oh well I was going to invite you over to my place ;)" Like just joking around (as far as i know) and i'm like "OH BABY! Perhaps i wont go to the dance!" And that's when he said "Okay don't forget..bring an easy bake oven, a tuba, and a swim suit." And absolutely made my day. I seriously laughed for like 5 minutes. That kid makes me giggle so much....ahahah I miss him, and today at church he hugged me like 9 billion times in a row and said he missed me too :/

Ryne is being extremely immature again, by the way. He's obviously trying to make me jealous by talking about how he's going to be a lot happier from now on all because of these girls he's been talking to on the phone today (that he doesn't even know) I'm definitely not getting jealous, but i am getting annoyed because this is exactly what happened last time, and then a few days later he confessed his love for me. Oh Lord, why can't he just grow up and get over it? Seriously. I'm fed up with his nonsense.

Comment this post, and the post entitled "Christmas Ball" as well, pretty please :)

Lots of love

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11 days till Christmas! :D

Christmas Ball

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That picture is from before the dance, with my best friend Mikaela^
I apologize for the informality, we only took about 3 'formal' looking pictures, and none of them came out too good. We tend to be complete idiots when we hang out, and both of us were quite off the wall last night with excitement. Hahah! :D

Well, it definitely wasn't as fun as last year..but I did experience my very first slow dance. I must say it was quite interesting...Okay so, i didn't go with a date. I was asked by a couple of guys that I'm pree good friends with, I just didn't want to have a date. I think it's way more fun when you go alone, so you're not just reserved to one person the whole night, and you're just carefree. But my friend Bruce came with this girl Charity Faith as his date. And then when the first and only slow song came on, I was standing in the middle of the dance floor and talking with Bruce and Mikaela. Mikaela looks at Bruce and says, "You should go dance with Fai!" He looked around a little bit, not trying too hard to find her, and goes "I don't know where she is." I was just looking at him and smiling, because I'm a normally happy person, and before I knew it, we were slow dancing. He just all of a sudden put his hands on my hips and I smiled real big and ended up putting my arms around his neck...He sang to me the whole time, even though he didn't know half the words. He was just like, "Just pretend I know the words." I laughed the whole time, loving every second of it, although it was kind of awkward at times. Especially when you consider the fact that I was wearing heels, and he's normally shorter than I am to begin with. So I was prolly at least a half a foot taller than him. Hahaha but that's okay, it was still fun. And then he hugged me, like the couples do when they slow dance, and he's like "We're going to dance like this for a while" and then he was like, telling me to hold him tighter and stuff. My friends Ali and Mikaela were behind him, dancing like crazy people, and laughing their butts off at us. So of course I was laughing too. At one point, he was like "Are you laughing or crying?" And i'm like, "Oh i'm definitely laughing!" and he goes "I feel like you're going to collapse on me." I apologized, and kind of pulled away a little bit after a couple more seconds. He was singing to me again by this point, I laughed again and said "Youre amazing Bruce, seriously, you are" And he goes "You're amazing too, Sara." I'm not going to lie, it was a really touching moment. Hahah when the song was over, we hugged really tight for like 5 minutes and he's like "I LOVE YOU SARA!" and I'm like "I LOVE YOU TOO!" And we both went our separate ways, to continue dancing crazily for the rest of the night. Apparently, Ryne was a bit jealous, and stared at Mikaela the whole time like 'I CANT BELIEVE THIS, I HATE MY LIFE' because he wanted to slow dance with me too. He really didn't talk to me hardly at all last night either way, and afterwards pretty much blamed me for his unhappiness lately, without actually saying it. But this morning at church was a little bit better, at least we talked a little.
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That picture is a bunch of people dancing at our dance, by the way...I'm the one like smack dab in the middle in a white dress with my arms in the air :)

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Take me on a sleigh ride

Listening to: Christmas music!!!
Wearing: Colombia sweat shirt, skinny jeans, slipper boots
Waiting for: mom to be done making pizza :)

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The youth center last night was pree fun, I hung out with a ton of kids I haven't really had a chance to chill with in a while.. like Gabbie, Chandler, Jon and Spencer. It was nice :) Mikaela, Shelby, Maggie, Meagan, Jeremiah and Ryne were there too. And about 100 other kids. But yeah, we had fun.

Ryne texted me around 1:30 in the morning to tell me he still has feelings for me. I knew he did, but I don't know what to do. Because I don't think of him as anything more than just a good friend anymore. Oh well

Mikaela's coming over around 4 to get ready for Christmas ball with me, I'll post pictures up later.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Wearing: orange hoody, flowy scarf, purple tank top, skinny jeans
Talking to: Ed, Taylor, Josh, Hannah
Feeling: tired, hopeful

We had a 1 hour delay. I went to the nurse's office first period because I had a terrible headache and it was making me all shaky and sick to my stomach. You know, nurse's offices are really a terrible place to be. They make me feel so awkward- everyone coming in and out, staring at you laying on some uncomfortable so-called 'bed' in complete agony. Normally, attention doesnt bother me- ahah i'm not going to lie, being in the spot light is actually quite fun for me :) But not when I have a headache and I feel like i'm going to be sick :/

Theatre was fun as always.. Spear helped me and Ashley out a lot!!! Then we stayed after for him and practiced in the cafeteria (where Mad Feast is actually going to be held) so we could get a feel for the environment and how we had to present ourselves. There were a bunch of kids and a couple teachers in there setting up for tomorrow night's Christmas ball, who got to watch us practice. Watching us wasn't as bad as listening to us though. We had to be SO UNBELIEVABLY LOUD, and make so many random funny noises. And sing. Hahaha it was so much fun though!!!! I'm pretty sure we made a couple kid's days ahahahah :D

It's snowing again, and im getting ready to go to the youth center to chill with Ryne, Mikaela and some other kids until about 10. Have a wonderful evening and happy Friday! :)

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Wearing: cardigan, flowery tank top thing from charlotte russe, skinny jeans, black necklace
Reading: Picture Perfect
Talking to: AIM- Jonniebear and Holly, texting- Dakota

On my way to see my math teacher for some help on reviewing for today's quiz, I saw this girl Kerri coming out of the bathroom crying. I hesitated, feeling a slight push to talk to her and see if she was okay. Of course I got too nervous and kept walking..besides, she looked like she was on a mission anyways. I kicked myself the whole time I was talking to my math teacher, and the whole walk back to study hall. When I finally sat down in the library, I pulled out my phone and thankfully I still had her number in my contacts from when she texted me on Retro Day. I texted her to see if she was okay, and we've been texting pree much right straight through since. Honestly, i have never really talked to her before. Not like this. I mean there's been the occasional "hello" in the hallway, or the friendly compliments in school or on Myspace picture comments...but I don't think we've ever actually TALKED until today. I think my text today, and the fact that I was trying to comfort her, really put her in a bit of a shock. But I know she was appreciative, because at one point she texted me and said "Thank you so much sara. Your a great person. Seriously. I hardly know you and your helping me like you've known me since kindergarden. Thank you so much. It means a lot to me." We talked all day- not just about what was going on with her, but just about everything. She's one of those girls in the Kayla crew by the way, they're best friends. I've been wanting to be friends with them for a while now- since I thought they hated me. But they don't, and now we're actually starting to become friends in a way... It's crazy how God works, you know? He's been giving me so many opportunities left and right that are like a slap in the face if I let them pass me by. I think I'm going to invite Kerri and Kayla to my church's Christmas party next Friday if Ryne hasn't already beat me to it. Either way, I hope they come.

I've been getting closer with old friends, making new ones, and even growing closer with some of my family lately too. There's this kid, Jon, who I used to be best friends with in the 8th grade. He was the last guy I dated (about 2 years ago) and that ruined things for our friendship. I realized we were better friends than anything more than that, and he didn't agree. And up until this year- we had a sort of love/hate relationship and were actually quite mean to eachother at times. But we're finally getting to be super close friends again, and both of us are absolutely loving it. We have always had a special bond, and a trust between us that neither of us can seem to find in most other people, and we know eachother better than a lot of other people do. I'm so excited to be best friends with him again, you don't even know. I've also been getting closer with a bunch of my family, like I said, especially my cousins. My cousin Sherry (she's in her 20's) and I used to be wicked close when I was a little kid. She used to come over all the time and play dolls with me. I remember those times just like it was yesterday... But anyways, I went to that party on Thanksgiving at my cousin Rebecca's house with my (favorite) aunt, Connie, and my cousins Sherry and Josephine were there and we all just got talking. Sherry is probably closest to my age, ahah and we're starting to get really close again, just like when I was little. It's awesome...we're actually making plans to go iceskating one Sunday and she wants me to learn how to snowboard with her this Winter. I can't wait!! :D
New friends: & Like i said, I've also been meeting a whole bunch of new people and making lots of new friends lately too. Not just in my school- but from all over the place. Like this girl, Jade, she lives real close to me but she goes to a different school. She goes to my youth group though, so that's kind of how I met her. She's having a movie night at her house tomorrow night and I'm supposed to go, along with some of the other kids from youth group. I also met these two real cool kids named Josh and Mark. Mark goes to my school, he's a year older than me, and he's in a band. We've been texting a lot lately, and he's a huge flirt...but he seems pree friendly and I've been asking around about him- haven't really heard anything but positive things to be said about him..which is always a plus! :) Josh is this chill, full blown straightedge Christian who likes spicy food and can't dance. He doesn't go to my school, but he lives pree close just like Jade and he's extremely friendly. He's a real comedic kid ahah our AIM conversations always seem to make me giggle :)

Oh by the way I rehearsed with Ashley for 2 periods during school today, we got way more accomplished today than yesterday. Hahaha and I got my nails done after school for my school's Christmas ball..which just so happens to be on Saturday :)

Alright well im uber tired so i think i'mma go read for a little bit, hopefully watch House (if it's on) and get some sleep. Nighty nightttt! :D

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Wearing: skinny jeans, hair in side pony, and a tie-dye "I *heart* DC" t-shirt that my best friend bought me (although i've never actually been to DC myself)
Watching: the weather channel...

Spear told Ashley and I that we're like honors theatre kids meant a lot.
Ryne and I are tight again, everything is completely back to normal & I'm lovin' it :)
Ashley and I rehearsed for about 40 minutes after school today, I'd say it went well...except we probably goofed around more than we actually got anything accomplished.
My youth group is going on a 'field trip' type thing tonight, and my parents won't let me go :(
So i'm texting Cameron, Ryne and Alec as I type this. I'm also texting Ashley and Mikaela, but they don't go to my church.
Kayla sat with me in the library during study hall today! Im only excited about that because I was just saying that I wished I was friends with her and her crew the other day, since I'm friends with like everyone else in school. We talked a bit and did some homework, it was pree cool :)
English is my favorite class next to theatre right now, by the way. I'm really learning a lot of new stuff with Walshie-poo as my teacher. She's fab. I like science a lot too, as a matter of fact :)

I have to go memorize about a kagillion lines, songs, and dances. Spear is quizzing us on our lines on Monday.

My daddy & puppy, Lacey, are dancing in the kitchen. Haha!

G'night :)

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Wearing: skinny jeans, hollister hoody, some wicked classy shirt and a tank top
Listening to: The Rocket Summer
Feeling: in pain. I've had a headache since 2nd period :/
Waiting for: 7 o'clock to roll around...

We've been getting so much snow lately, that I had a 2 hour delay today. I was only in school until about 6th period, and then I got picked up early for a doctor's appointment. Normally i'd be pree excited to leave school early, but today i wasn't. I wanted to be in theatre so bad. I need the rehearsing time. But oh well, I guess i'm staying after with Ashley tomorrow to rehearse our lines with Spear. He's the honors theatre teacher and apparently he offered to help us get ready for the Mad Feast. I appreciate that he wants to help us, but i'm also kind of nervous because he's pree strict.

My doctor's appointment went well I guess. He referred me over to a gastrologist and I'm keeping my eurologist appointment too... Fun :P

Okay well I've gotta go, I should prolly finish getting ready. I have to be at the church by 7 to practice for the little kid's Christmas party. I'm supposed to be a clown in a dance/song thing from Sesame Street with Abbie and Rachel. Debbie showed me the video of what we're reinacting on Sunday after church, it's adorable.

Monday, December 8, 2008

I'm not really good with naming my posts...

Wearing: Pacsun tee, Guess jeans, curly hair
Listening to: Sorry I Stole Yo Gurl - The Friday Night Boys
Feeling: a bit chilly
Mom let me sleep in this morning since i didn't sleep at all last night. I ended up getting to school towards the end of 3rd period, which is english class. I love this class. I love writing. We're reading Macbeth right now though. It's actually not that bad once you start to understand Shakespearean language...ahah
Things are back to normal between me and Ryne :) We joked around all of photo journalism.
Alec asked me to Christmas ball in a text message and when I didn't reply right away he said never mind and that he's not going. I would have turned him down anyways. For one thing, I heard he likes me and I wouldn't want to give him the wrong idea. Although he is seriously my best friend that's a guy. But either way, I don't really want a date. It's way more fun when you're free to chill with everyone instead of having to be glued to the same person all night. Uhhh ahah i learned that the hard way.. :P
In theatre today, DZ assigned me and Ashley the two most important parts of the entire Madrigal Feast. We are now Herald and Steward, royalty and head of whole thing. We have to learn a bunch of lines, and also every little thing that is supposed to happen and when by next Thursday. It's going to be a lot of work, but i know we can do it. know what? I'm going to go rehearse my lines...ahah
Ta-ta :)

Sunday, December 7, 2008

I think i know what they mean when they say "True love lasts forever"

Watching: A Boyfriend for Christmas
Wearing: AE hoody, cami, and pajama pants
Feeling: like it's way later than 7:30

Today felt like such a long day. Even though it was really fun :)
instead of service today, sister debbie asked me and a couple other people from the youth group to help out in sunday school. Sunday school for those of you that dont know, is a fun little class for the extremely young kids in our church to go during Sunday services. today they were making Christmas ornaments, and i was asked to help out this little boy named Liam. he was pretty cute and it was actually quite fun...although i do kind of wish i was there for service. oh well.

After church i went to Casey/Cameron/Ryne's house to watch movies with sarah, rachel, nathan and alec. we watched disney channel hahaha, Gremlins and part of Baby Mama before i had to leave. Cameron dibbsed sitting next to me on the was fun but he's such a flirt. if i didn't know any better, i'd fall for the silly hope that he liked me. did i just say hope? Oh God. i hope i don't start to like him again. that was unbelieveable. but i think there will always be that little 'thing' inside of me that i like cameron...He's just so uhh...perfect (which is one of the many reasons i had to stop things with Ryne, still having a subtle thing for his brother wasn't working out ahaha) But that's what i mean when i say i finally understand what they mean when they say "True love lasts forever" because I'm pretty sure i was in love with Cameron at one point, and if not i was pree darn close. ahah but anyways....things are progressing with Ryne :) It's still kind of awkward sometimes but at least we talk now. Although i'm kind of thinking he was a bit upset seeing me and cameron jokingly flirt all day. Sorry Ryne. I don't mean to hurt you....

I don't want to go to school tomorrow. I actually think we might have another snowday.. Wouldn't that be cool?

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Grandma & Grandpa, my heroes.

I'm still at my grandparent's house. They don't have an internet or wireless connection so i'm surprised this works. But anyways, have I ever mentioned how much I love my grandma and grandpa? They're pree cool. Last night we all took a ride around the city to look at all the lights at everyone's houses. I couldn't believe how many people still haven't put up any Christmas decorations or lights yet. Do you think it's because our country is in a recession and a lot of people don't have the money to pay for electricity bills? Or is it because we have a whole bunch of Mr. Scrooge's living in the city? Or maybe it's just because people just haven't gotten around to putting anything up yet.. I mean this is a busy time of year.

Today my grandparent's are taking me shopping, like to the mall and stuff. I have to get my daddy's Christmas present since he's the only one I still have to buy for. He wants a bible! Can you believe it!? I was so shocked when he told me that a couple months ago. It's unbelievable, but I like it. Haha but everyone else in my family that I need to buy presents for is pretty much all set. I'm getting my mom the Mama Mia DVD, it's her favorite movie and she went to see it in theaters twice. It doesn't come out until the 16th though, so I have to wait a couple weeks. And for my grandparent's, I'm writing them a poem. I've always been told that I have a gift for writing, and they've seen some stuff I haven't even tried to write all that magnificently, and thought it was to die for. So I think it'll be the perfect gift...once I actually write it... :/


We got to the mall about 10 o'clock or so, it was already starting to get pree busy. I got the book Twilight, now that I saw the movie I'm going to read it. I also got the soundtrack for the movie. (How obsessed do I sound?) Haha..I also got the Casting Crowns Christmas CD, and David Cook's new CD. Then we went to Charlotte Russe and I got a necklace, and 2 pairs of sunglasses. One for me and one for Mikaela. They're pree nifty, I think she'll like them :)

When I finally got back home, I watched The Holiday with my mom. Seriously, if you have never seen that movie... I definitely recommend you watch it! It's a great love story/comedy, and it's also kind of a Christmas movie. Which brings me to the point...

What's your favorite Christmas movie?

I've been watching the 25 days of Christmas thing on ABC Family lately, and my favorite Christmas movie is still Elf. I also like the first Santa Claus. My worst favorite Christmas movie would probably be Polar Express. That movie has freaked me out since the first time I saw (parts of) it in English class in 7th grade. I honestly have no idea why, it just does... But then again, I've never actually watched the whole movie.

Oh and also, I think it's cute that my grandma just called to tell me she missed me :) How sweet is that?

Friday, December 5, 2008


I'd still be sleeping, but of course, mom had to wake me up 10 minutes before she found out we have a snowday. Haha, oh welll. It'll give me some time to chill before I get ready and go to my grandparent's house. I'm spending the night there tonight, just because I feel like it. I haven't in what seems like forever, it's probably actually even been years since I've spent the night there. Well at least, a long time. But tomorrow my grandma wants to take me to the mall so I might go there tonight, otherwise I'll just end up sleeping in tomorrow and not being able to go. Haha

I'm going to go watch Elf. Have a fabulous day! :D

Thursday, December 4, 2008

No title.

So, Godspell was amazing. I'd go see it again in a heart beat. I cried, I laughed, I danced, I sang, I clapped. Pretty much any verb you can think of.. yup. But seriously, it was a really good play. I definitely recommend it because whether it's off broadway or not, it'll be a good show. And for all of you American Idol lovers out there... remember Anwar Robinson from a couple seasons ago? He played Jesus in the Godspell musical I saw. And his voice live, made me speechless.

After we got back from the musical I went to Casey's house and hung out with her, AJ, Taylor, Ryne, Cameron, and Dan for a little bit before youth group. Which, by the way, was absolutely wonderful to finally get back to. I missed it so much, I can't even explain... Last night's service was amazing, magnificent, stupendous, awesome, eye-opening...all of those good words! I got so into worship it's not even funny. And Elyssah came with her brother! I was so excited to see them there! She said she really liked it, i didn't get the chance to talk to her brother about it yet though. (I'm not even sure what his name is, haha but he has nice hair.)

We finally started preparing for the Madrigal Feast in theatre class today. The Madrigal Feast, otherwise known as Mad Feast, is a 'theatre of the round' thing we do at my school every year around Christmas time. It's by Shakespeare, and it's a pretty religious 'play', and we usually host it in the main foyer in the middle of the hallway. I've never been a part of it or to it before, but it sounds kind of fun, and it's required for class anyways. Haha but still, there will be tons of food, and we all have to stay in character the whole time. Even when we're not actually performing. Even the servers have to stay in character. There will be a nativity scene, a comedy scene, two dances, and a fight scene. I signed up to be in the dance with Elyssah and Leanne as the directors, because I didn't feel like stressing over learning lines and I worked with them as my choreographers last year for our school's spring play. And although it didn't go too spectacularly, I thought it'd be fun to try again. We learned the first part of our dance today. It's pretty graceful, and you have to have 'couples'. Even though everyone in this dance is a girl, so it's kind of awkward. Haha but Ashley is my partner, and she's one of my best friends so it's alright. Haha

Oh and by the way, Ryne just texted me and said:
"I miss you a whole lot, and i miss talking and stuff. And you've just been on my mind alot lately. :/ I don't know. I didn't want to do this through texts ha, but I guess just what I did to you. And letting you go. And I realized that trying to find new girls and stuff, it's just. I've been trying to replace that place you left. Nobody EVER has come even close to fitting the part you played :/ and frankly, i don't think anybody ever will. I'm not trying to suck up to you. I don't know, nothing can come close to what we had. I like getting told i'm cute ha. But, i just didn't want to feel like I was just another kid you were talking to and i know i wasn't. I was just an a hole about everything. If it counts I'm over it now. It took prayer and till 2 in the morning nights (3) of just thinking about it, but yeah. And here's the truth: I'm not over you one bit, and i'm sick of feeling lonely and not talking to you and my heart beatz 10x as fast when i'm within 10 feet of you. I feel like i'm going insane and i feel like i need you. And i know i need you way more than you need me and i don't know what to do. I don't care if i'm 16, pretty much, and have these feelings. Sorry for everything."

I was completely baffled, although deep down I kind of already knew it. But i really didn't know how to reply, but I definitely shut him down. ahaha I feel so bad for the kid though, although I'm not really sure if I should or not. After all he put me through. He can be such a jerk, but he can also be such a sweetheart..... I'm over him though, really, I am.....

Okay well I haven't ate anything all day yet, other than a bunch of junk food in our party in spanish today, so I think i'mma go get some food. Have a fab night, everyone. And you should alll leave a comment!! :D

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Happy Birthday Aidan!!!

I met this real adorable kid on Myspace a few months ago, we've been talking on and off ever since. Today is his birthday! So yeah, happy birthday Aidan! :D

Oh my goodness, today in photo journalism we stayed in the library, and pree much just hung out. I sat in between Alec and Mikaela like I always do when we're in there...they're honestly my two best friends and we always have so much fun talking and just goofing around when we're together. But Ryne is in that class, and today for some reason.. he sat quite secluded from everyone else, intently writing the whole time and being unusually quiet. He's usually rather sociable to everyone in the room. Haha but yeah, after class he was talking to Mikaela a little bit and saying how he didn't plan on going to lunch. So i jumped in the conversation and asked why not. And his reply was that he wanted to stay in there because he's writing a book. I was so surprised, it definitely wasn't what I expected him to say. But when i asked him what the book was about, he walked ahead of me a little bit and said it was about him...and then just kept going after I stopped in the main foyer. I turned to Mikaela, and I was like "Dontcha just love how he walks away from me while I'm trying to be friendly and talk? Uhhhh." And she said she noticed that too. But anyways, after school Alec texted me and said "Be honest. Do you still like Ryne?" And I replied by saying: No, I love him as a friend, but I dont like him as anymore than that anymore. And I asked why he was wondering that... And he started telling me how that book Ryne is writing, is about me!!!! Alec read it in lunch, and he talks about how beautiful I am and how much he likes me. I felt surprised, confused, loved, and about a billion other feelings all at once. I still don't know what to think. I'm not even supposed to know. No one knows, other than Alec. I don't know what to do!? But I guess I'll just wait to see if Ryne ever actually shows me the book and then worry about it.... Oh g's, it sounds too sweet for me to have the strength not to melt all over it..... God help me.

Tomorrow I'm going on a field trip with my theatre class to see Godspell (it's a musical) and will be gone from school all day. Then Casey and I have plans to hang out and catch up before youth group, since we haven't in such a long time. I miss her...and I miss my youth group. I haven't been in about a month because two of them were cancelled and I had to miss two others because of rehearsal. Im so excited to finally get to go back!!!

23 days till Christmas!!!

Monday, December 1, 2008

World AIDS Day

Back to school today, nothing interesting really happened. But I did reread my last post, and I realized how I completely went off.. And I apologize. I shouldn't have done that. I guess I was just a bit more upset than I thought I was. But later on in the evening, Ryne and I were texting. He asked me if i missed whatever it is that we 'had', and I just told him that I missed the CLOSENESS we had. (Closeness as in- talking all the time, just hanging out.. etc) And he said so does he, which made me smile inside. And then I straight up asked him if he still liked me, and he said "A littlee." Which, I wasn't too surprised. I guess I already knew that, deep down. But i was kind of baffled on what to say in reply, so I just said "Hm, okay" And after that, (i think i upset him a little, not saying i liked him too..but i wasn't going to lie) But he started talking about all these girls he's been talking to lately, the girls he met up with at the mall last week, and this one girl that was supposed to call him last night that is apparently 'SO HOTT' and he said it'd be sweet if they could date. I laughed at the fact that he seemed to purposely be trying to make me jealous, and how it totally wasn't working. I sat there texting him for a while, actually encouraging all of this and telling him how girl crazy he is, in a goofy way.
Today at school was a little bit awkward around him, just because of all that's been going on lately. But things were way better than yesterday at church. We said 'hi' in the halls and even had a little bit of a conversation at one point. Things are finally starting to look up for our friendship again... Yay! :D

Fight AIDS Pictures, Images and Photos

But enough about Ryne, i'm totally sick of talking about boys. Haha on to the title of my post...
Today is World AIDS Day!!! I didn't realize this until a few minutes ago, when I went on Google to search a couple things for school.. So I didn't really get to promote AIDS awareness in my school. But there's still time left for YOU GUYS to promote it!! So get up & get out and SUPPORT these groups!