Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Just an update

I've realized that most of my friends are either older or younger than me, or not even in my school. It's kind of odd, to be honest. But I guess it's a good thing to have friends all over the place.

By the way, I haven't been in school a full day since last Wednesday. Today my doctor sent me to get chest x rays and blood work. Thankfully, everything came back okay and I should be back in school tomorrow. Wish me luck, because I heard that the honor's theatre list is going to be posted up tomorrow, and I'm sure I've got a whole lot of work to catch up on after missing an entire week of school.

I wish I could go to youth group tonight :(

Love to all,

Sunday, May 10, 2009

mother's day!

I've been sick since Thursday. Finally I'm feeling a bit better, but I'm still fighting a wretched cough. I'm going to the movies later with my mom and grandma to see Obsessed. My friend Kelly informed me that it's really a great movie. Happy mother's day! Go tell your how much you love her :)

Friday, May 8, 2009

I bought the Jack's Mannequin CD today.

ahhh i love them <33

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Roasted marshmellows and smelling like smoke

There was a bonfire at my pastor's house tonight. Basically everyone from my youth group was there. We all just sat by the fire making s'mores and hanging out. It was pretty relaxing and I absolutely love everyone who decided to attend :)

By the way, Tiemen and John want me to go with them to see a Taking Back Sunday show on June 24. I hope I can go...

Sunday, May 3, 2009

The heart roars like a lion at what they've done to us.

I think I might have a slight crush on John.
I can't stop thinking about him, and whenever Myspace tells me I have a comment from him, a smile immediately appears on my face.

What do I do?

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Drama Fest!

We left the school about 7:45am, over 50 of us cramped in one single bus, forcing some of us to have to squeeze 3 in a seat. I sat with this girl Shaina who I didn't really know before the bus ride, and my best friend Mikaela. Across from us was Bruce, Matt and Jimmy. We spent the whole ride there singing random songs like Low by Flo-rida and Scotty Doesn't Know from the movie Eurotrip. Although Bruce, Matt and Jimmy decided to change the words to "Sara doesn't know" at times... Haha they're such goons. We even sang The Wheels On The Bus at one point; Mairi, Shaina, Mikaela, me, Nick, Emily, and Macey.

Once we finally arrived, the first thing we did was go straight to the auditorium for an opening speech and then we watched 3 schools perform a few scenes from their spring play before we went on stage for our performance of Alice In Wonderland. I sat next to Bruce and Mikaela, and Bruce decided he wanted to lay his head on my shoulder for the first 3 plays. By the time it got to be our turn, I was so nervous I felt sick. I don't know why I was nervous, I never get nervous anymore. But perhaps it's because we had never performed on this stage, and we changed so much of our play for it to fit into our mandatory time span of 20 minutes. Anyways, it was time for our performance and even though Ashley messed up one of her lines and Nick broke a teacup during the tea party scene, it was a huge success. I was so glad because being on this stage was quite strange for me.. it was a lot smaller than the stage I'm used to performing on, much closer to the audience, and when you look out into the audience from on the stage, you can't see anything. You feel like nobody is watching you and you're in a black room. That was the part that freaked me out the most. But the only thing that kept me going was the fact that every single person in there was laughing histerically at everything we did, singing when we played music, and cheering throughout our whole performance.

After we performed our play, it was time for lunch. I sat with 4 of my theatre teachers, Mikaela, Kelsey, Ashley and Tiffany. Oh- I forgot to mention, during one of the performances (it was about a chain letter and it was absolutely hilarious) Mikaela and I recognized this kid we met 2 years ago at Generation Conference and haven't seen since. His name is John. And sure enough, when he came over to our table during lunch time, it was most definitely him. From the moment he said hi to us, he was cracking jokes left and right and had absolutely everyone in a fit of laughter. So of course, Mikaela and I had to hang out with him and his best friend Tiemen the rest of the day. After lunch, we went out into the foyer where everyone was playing "Baby do you love me?" It's this really awkward, yet super fun game where everyone stands in a circle and the person who is 'it' has to go up to someone, preferably someone you don't know, and say "Baby do you love me?" in any possible way you can, just to get that person to laugh, without any physical contact of course. If the person can't respond with "Baby I love you but I just can't smile" while keeping a straight face, it's their turn to be 'it'. Mikaela and I aren't too fond of that game because of how awkward it can get sometimes, so we ran into the middle of the circle and sat on the floor, explaining to everyone that we were in the cookie jar. Within seconds, we had a whole bunch of kids on the floor with us, including John, who decided we should all have a really intense game of Duck, Duck, Goose. And trust me, it was quite intense!!! Soon after, we were all told to go back into the auditorium to watch a few of the other schools perform. John made everyone move so he could sit next to me, and Mikaela was sitting next to Tiemen. They were talking in gibberish and the only part I could understand is John asking Tiemen what he thought of us, and then John saying that we're "fine" and "hot" hahaha. Before the performances the four of us started a huge wave and the "we will rock you" boom, boom, clap thing. John sang at the top of his lungs :) And again, the performances themselves were HILARIOUS.

After this, we had our first workshop. A few of the schools went to see the judge, who told us we were his favorite performance of all!!! And throughout the whole day, everyone there kept talking about how AWESOME "Alice In Wonderland" was! :D

Then Mikaela, Kelsey, Ashley and I went to this other workshop called "Basic Contact Improvisation" was nothing like we expected, but it was still pretty fun. Then, John and Tiemen came towards the end and Jon taught me how to waltz. Yes, we were dancing together across the stage, in front of everybody.. ;) During this time, Kelsey and Ashley left us so me and Mikaela hung out with John and Tiemen for a bit before we decided to go to the acting workshop that had to do with diction and how if you base each line on the person your talking to, your expression of intent will turn out awesome and it'll make you look really good on stage. Mikaela and I grouped up with this kid named Eric, and this girl who I never quite found out her name. But she did Shrek as a musical at her school, which I thought was the coolest thing ever.

After the acting workshop, it was time for dinner and this time I just sat with Ashley, Kelsey and Mikaela. Then we went outside where there was this huge circle of people singing, clapping and dancing and playing this game. I'm not sure what the name of the game is, but the words to the song are "Ride, ride, ride the pony. Ride, ride, ride the pony. Ride, ride, ride the pony. This is how we do it! Front to front to front my baby. Back to back to back my baby. Side to side to side my baby. This is how we do it!" Before I actually joined in to play the game, I was standing outside of the circle with some friends and just smiling. This is one of those games where you can watch and you'll still have fun. But once I joined, it was seriously the most fun game I have ever played. Hahaha then we all played Simon Says because everyone got tired hahaha :)

Then it was time for the college to perform their whole play, Into The Woods. To be honest, it wasn't the best performance I'd ever seen and by this time we were all super tired so it was hard to enjoy it. After their play, we went out into the hallway and it was time to leave. John was riding on Tiemen's back and they were chasing me across the hallway and almost into the bathroom because John said he had to show me something. I came back out of the bathroom, and DZ was getting kind of impatient because she had been waiting for me, Mikaela, Ashley and Kelsey so we could leave. So instead of John showing me how amazing he can play the piano, we were told to say our goodbyes so we could leave. I hugged John about 4 times, both of us saying we were going to cry cause we were going to miss eachother so much. Then Mikaela, John, Tiemen and I had this massive group hug, and then Tiemen hugged me again. Haha

The bus ride home was so uncomfortable - Mikaela, Ashley and I were forced to sit on the floor in the aisle because there was literally no room left in the seats. I spent my ride home with Sam almost in my lap, sleeping, Bruce and Matt dibbsing me for prom and senior ball in the next couple of years, and half asleep myself. We finally got back to the school around 11:45 so I didn't actually get home until around midnight.

Today is Casey's senior ball. She's bringing Nate as her date, so that should be cute. I believe I'm going to the march around 6. So I should probably get going on my english homework. Have a lovely Saturday, ladies and gents :)

I miss John and Tiemen a whole lot :(

"I'm not tired and I'm not yawning. I just want to put my arm around you."

Monday, April 27, 2009


I don't know how else to describe how amazing both nights of Alice In Wonderland went, other than to copy and paste a few of the comments I've recieved and sent to some of my friends afterwards.

  • "you guys were great! the disturbia dance was one of my favorite parts!" -Mackenzie
  • "You were amazingggg! I wanted to hug you but my dadddy was there to early :/" -Jackie
  • "You did so so so good! :D I was there :D" -Melissa
  • "Great job Cinque:) I loved it and am going again tonight.." -Chris, my second mom (Mikaela's mom)
  • "Good Job at the play!!Cinque! I bet it was a lot of fun putting it on. We wil be looking for our autographs on Sunday!!:)" -Lois & Pat (they go to my church)
  • "I saw you at the play today!!! You were amazing and excellent!!! You were born to be a star!! When u were on stage.. I saw no one else!! Great job!!!! Will you be going to broadway? hehehe" -Christy
  • "No problem! I enjoyed it.It was really good! And I loved everyones costumes!Great job!!! Good luck tonight." -Amanda

And I sent this to Amanda:

"Hey! Our second show was different than the first one, everything possible went wrong. But, it was still a great show because we're all absolutely amazing at improv.Hahahha thank God! Literally!The cast party was the most fun cast party I've ever been to. We always have our play cast parties at Liberty Lanes (the bowling alley in the village) but the majority of us didn't actually bowl. Instead, we just ate nachoes, pizza, cake and got all hyped up on mountain dew... Resulting in this MASSIVE game of truth or dare. It originally started out with me, and my friends Mikaela, Ashley, Mary, Mairi and her boyfriend Jimmy. But somehow, DZ (the director) got involved, and involved her son Scott, and his friend Kory, and Kory's mom, and then before we knew it... our little truth or dare circle migrated throughout all 5 adults, and a whole bunch more people in the cast joined in as well. The dares were crazy and hilariousssss, and we probably only had about 2 truths.HahahOh, and throughout the entire cast party, someone would just randomly yell "CHANGE PLACES!" so we'd all have to get up and move.Hahahhahaha it was awesomeeee!And of course I loved the flowers!!! They're beautiful! How'd you know my favorite color is orange!?!? :DI also ended up getting flowers from this kid I've known since kindergarten's mother, my friend Ed (who we all like to call Batman), my friend Alec, my daddy, my grandpa, and my little cousin Leah. She's 7. Haha and apparently afterwards, Leah rode home in the car with my grandparent's (her and her parents and 2 brothers came up from out of town to see my play and were staying at my grandparent's house) and I guess Leah told my grandma this outrageous story about how she played Snow White in her school's play, and my grandma was all upset we didn't know about it so she asked my aunt about it, and apparently Leah made it all up because she wanted to "have fun like me".HOW CUTE IS THAT?! Hahahah As you know, we did the school previews on Thursday and one of the little girls that goes to my church, her name is Maelin, she goes to one of the elementary schools we put on the preview for, and when she saw me at church on sunday she made this huge deal out of how I was in the play, and how much she totally admires me now. It was the cutest thing ever!!"

Thursday, April 23, 2009


We did the school previews today!!! We did three previews all together, 2 were for the elementary schools in the district and one was for the kids in my highschool. I'm not sure why we never do a preview for the middle school... Probably because we don't have enough time during the day. But! I got to miss all of my classes, which, I guess could be considered a good thing in a way :) Except... tomorrow I'm going to have a lot of catching up to do! As well as preparing and resting up before my play. Yup - that's right, the actual productions are tomorrow night and Saturday night. I wish all of you could come and see it! If I haven't mentioned it yet, my name is Cinque and I'm in 9 out of the 11 scenes of the play.

But, back to the preview. Fortunately, they all went really well! And surprisingly, I wasn't nervous at all!!! Just, EXCITED! I love performing on stage in front of an audience; it's such an adrenalin rush! The 2nd elementary school preview was my favorite, all the kids got so wild and into the production it was awesome!!! It made me smile to see hundreds of little kids from kindergarten to fifth grade dancing and even singing in their seats, trying to contain themselves from jumping on to the stage with us!!! It was lovely and I was happy to see my fifth grade teacher, whom I used to know as, Ms. M!!!

After all the play previews we had about a 30 - 40 minute break and then the whole cast had to come back to the auditorium for rehearsal from 3 - 5:30. We were all so exchausted from the day though, that we had to have a 10 minute yoga session with the lights off to get ourselves a bit more relaxed. Boy, did that feel good!!! Although, even after the yoga session was over, all of us were still incredibly tired. Most of us didn't even bother getting into character for the scenes we performed, and instead just said our lines monotone. But luckily, our awesome director, DZ, didn't care because she understood how exhausted we all are after a long day of 3 wonderful previews.

I still can't believe it was our last rehearsal though. Not just the last rehearsal for Alice In Wonderland, but it's the last rehearsal we'll have for the rest of this year!!! I'm going to miss it so much. All the fun times, the late nights, and the goofing around. It's hard for me to grasp that one of our best actors, Mairi, is graduating this year. I'm going to miss her so much!!! She's hilarious, and she's definitely got some true talent.

But I'll never forget all the extraordinarily fun times we've had during the rehearsals for these plays, and the friends I've made/grown closer with because of it.

Matt, Bruce, Travis G, Jimmy, Ellie, Morag, Mairi, Nuber, Nick, Cody, James, Cassie, Tasha, Jasmine, Fai, Christina, Mo, Katie, Kelli, Sam, Leanne, Elyssah, Casey H, and Megan!

And of course, my already best friends before the show:
Mikaela, Ashley and Shelby

Hopefully I'll update soon with pictures from the real production and the cast party!!! I love you all, and I thank you for reading my blog and being patient with my posts! :)

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Spring cleaning :)

It's such a beautiful day today!!! I'm so glad everyday this past week has been so nice!!! It was a great way to spend spring break, even though I was stuck at home instead of at some luxurious resort or on some hot beach.

But anyways, I was helping my parents wash the screens for our porch today after church and after a bit, my dad went inside for a break so my mom and I were left to put the screens up by ourselves. And we were like, "Okay, we can do this! No biggie!"

So there's this little knob you have to turn to lock the screen in on the top and on the bottom. And we were in the process of putting on one of the final screens, standing in our freshly growing garden surrounded by a short wall of rocks and stones. The screen we were attempting to put in at the moment happened to be the right corner screen. Earlier I had no problem jumping up and fixating the top knob, but this time was going to be a bit trickier for me because I had nothing to grab on to. But my mom, being the determined lady that she is, said to just grab on to her, and that I could do it. I was unsure of this, but I grabbed on to her anyways and proceeded to turn the top knob. BUT OF COURSE! It was an epic fail. I couldn't step up onto the ledge because it was so thin, and my mom didn't exactly realize that I'd be putting most of my body weight on her, so all of a sudden... we both collapsed and fell, in slow-mo, right on our backs. And of course, into a fit of laughter.

Fortunately, neither of us got hurt, except for the few scratches on my left arm.

Well, that's my story of the day.
Happy Sunday, everyone! :)

Love always,

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Katie tagged me! :)

Fantasy Dinner Party Guest List!
Which eight people, dead or alive, would you invite to your dinner party and why?

This is easy. I would invite 8 homeless people, who have no means of getting food. I have always had this thing for helping the homeless..

And now I shall tag...
Two lovely ladies who go by the names of Natalie and Ali :)

Spring break is coming to an end..

Thursday I hung out with my friend Kelsey, she came over and we did some shopping and then went out to eat at Teddy's. I bought a Vera Bradley lunch box from Cornucopia, a tank top from Marshalls, and I saw my cousin Jenna while she was out for a walk with her friends. I miss her so much! :(
After, when we got back to my house, we went for a walk to the sandlot, which is this place down the road from me that my daddy used to take me when I was little. We used to ride down on the my Uncle Frank's fourwheeler (this was way before we bought our own haha) and have picnics there. I'm excited because later today my dad and I are going for a ride on our fourwheeler, probably through the woods and the fields and stuff I'm going to learn how to drive :) I LOVE LIVING IN THE COUNTRY.

Thursday night I spent the night at Kelsey's house, and Friday we went for a walk and spent most of the day jumping on her trampoline, until I came home long enough to eat Subway and watch Legally Blonde. Which I decided is one of my favorite movies :) Then I went to my best friend Mikaela's house and hung out with her, James and Kelsey. We went for a walk and saw James's uncle's kittens! And of course, named every single one of them :)

Right now I'm talking to Josh - I missed him, he was on a missions trip to Texas this past week! So I must be going so he can tell me allll about it. Enjoy the rest of your break, lovelys! :)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

If it means a lot to you..

I went to the mall with my mom, my grandma and my friend Casey yesterday. We spent most of the time in Macy's and Charlotte Russe. I picked out my prom dress. From the moment I looked at it I knew it was the one. Can you believe it? It's the first dress I try on, and prom isn't until November. But it's strapless, it' yellow, and it's gorgeous. Meaning, it's pure perfection. And I'm really happy with it :)
I also bought a necklace, a headband, sunglasses, a tank top, a dress, a skirt, 2 pairs of capri pants, and a lacey vest from Charlotte Russe. Then we were hungry so we went out to eat at Panera Bread, where I ate the best chicken ceasar salad and toasted cheese sandwich I have ever tasted in my entire life. I also bought a 3 CD pack of MoTown music at Bed, Bath & Beyond. I love oldies!! :)
Then Casey and I went over to this store called The Loft where I bought a white cardigan and afterwards we just sat outside laughing and being really obnoxious, and just enjoying the beautiful day we had.
When we got home, Casey and I went over to my Aunt Cori and Uncle Frank's house where we had a humongous photo shoot. On the side of my aunt and uncle's house, they have a nice trail in their woods that leads to their backyard behind their fence and to the silo and a tiny barn. It's the house my daddy grew up in with his 2 sisters and 1 brother, so there is a ton of junk in the woods next to my aunt and uncle's house that no one ever bothered to move such as old, beat up trucks, John Deer tractors, empty refrigerators, and couches. It probably sounds really nasty, but it's a really great place to take artistic pictures. And personally, I like old stuff like that. It all has a history, and it really intrigues me.
Today I had a hair appointment, I just got highlights and a trim because I'm still growing my hair out. Then my mom and I went to Rite Aid and grocery shopping Wal*Mart... In the check-out line at Wal*Mart, I was helping my mom put stuff on the check-0ut counter and she went to pick up this huge bottle of V8 juice that we were buying for my dad, and somehow it slipped out of her hands and spilled all over the floor... splashing all down my legs and feet. It caused this whole commotion, but to be honest, it was rather funny. What an adventure :) hahaha...

Monday, April 13, 2009

Feeling peachy ;)

I took a nice drive to the city about 40 or so minutes away today, with my mother, my Aunt Connie and my cousin Adam. We stopped at the mall for a short while, and then to some crafty department stores. I bought a really cute pair of white lace shoes from H&M, and an awesome box that looks like a mapped out piece of luggage from this new store called Hobby Lobby. Then we stopped at Panera Bread for lunch, and I had my usual: Chicken Ceasar Salad and Cheddar & Broccoli soup. Mm, yum!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I had a fun time hanging out with Adam today, he's probably the cousin I'm the closest with. In every store we went in today, we managed to start some sort of ruckus, such as juggling artificial peaches in AC Moore, and sword fighting with rugs in Tuesday Morning. I love that kid, I don't know what I'd do without him.
fruit Pictures, Images and Photos

Now I just plan on going outside, perhaps to finish writing my 6 paragraph AP English essay and listen to some tunes on my new iPod. Have a swell evening, lovelys :)

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

First off, I would like to wish everyone a HAPPY EASTER! I hope you all had a lovely and beautiful day to celebrate the resurrection of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. :)

My Easter consisted of:

- Waking up to a tiny pink Easter basket filled with Cadsburry Mini Eggs, Reeses Pieces, and a 32 GB iPod touch; then eating some hard boiled eggs (that I have called "Easter eggs" ever since I was little) for breakfast.
- Going to church; experiencing wonderful worship, a spectacular message on salvation and the resurrection, and some great specials such as videos, skits, a mime act, and a few songs.
- Visiting my grandparent's house for a delicious lasagna dinner... and opening my very late birthday present from my Aunt Norma. She got me this adorable little tank top all the way from India! I also got a beautiful card and an iTunes giftcard from my grandparent's as an Easter gift :)
- All in all, I had a really nice day and I hope all of you did as well!

Last night, my parent's and I went to my cousin Rebecca's house for Easter dinner with a whole bunch of people from my daddy's side of the family. I always enjoy getting together with them, because every one of them makes me laugh. They're all so much fun to be around. And I got to see my cousin Josephine's engagement ring from her fiance Matt! Their wedding is August 22 and it's going to be on the lake... I can't wait!!! I just love weddings...

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Oh Blogger, how I missed you so

It's been a while since I've posted anything, hasn't it? My apologies, I've just been so darn busy lately! A lot has changed in the past 2 months or so. I'm sixteen now, for one thing. My birthday was March 11th and it was one of the best I've ever had. I also took 2 road trips to Pennsylvania in March, the first one was to Lancaster to the Sight & Sound theater with my mom, my Aunt Connie, and my friend Casey. The second trip was to Erie, to an indoor waterpark with my parents and my best friend Mikaela. The reason I've been so busy lately, though, at least for the past month, is because I've had rehearsal everyday for my school's spring play. We're doing Alice In Wonderland, and my name is Cinque. I'm one of the six speaking cards, along with Travis D, Cody, Ellie, Mikaela and Ashley. We are in every scene except 2 of them. Right now it is Spring Break, and even though I'm not travelling to any place spectacular like most of my friends are, I'm enjoying the relaxation at my own home. Last night, I went into the city with my parents, we stopped at the mall for a little bit, and then we went to the movies and I met up with my friend Ed. I love that kid, he's like my older brother. We saw Adventureland, which, I probably wouldn't recommend, because it definitely was not as funny as I was expecting it to be.

Some Things That Have Happened In The Past Couple Of Months:

1) I am finally 16
2) I have become super duper close with people like Jimmy, Travis, Matt, Ellie, and Mary
3) There are only like 40 days left of school until summer vacation!
4) I am in my school play of Alice In Wonderland as a card named Cinque
5) I auditioned for Honor's Theatre
6) My current favorite band is My Favorite Highway
7) We had a holocaust survivor come speak at my school a couple of weeks ago, a whole bunch of us cried..
8) Apparently my daddy has type 2 diabetes... :(
9) I got elbowed in the eye by this kid named Greg during rehearsal on Thursday, so HELLO redness and bruises on my right eye :/
10) It's Spring break!!! :D

Hopefully from now and on for a while, I will be updating more, but if not, I'm sorry but I have a really busy life right now.

Happy (almost) Easter!


Monday, February 16, 2009

I never know what to call these...

I got my very first cat scan and a whole bunch of x-rays today. This really funny doctor that reminded me of one of the guys off of the show Two and a Half Men had to inject some orange dye into me through an IV. I was freaking out before this test, but to be honest, it really wasn't all that bad.

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I'm leaving for Maryland tomorrow. I should probably finish my packing soon... I hate packing. I never know what to bring, or how much of it. I know I've definitely over packed this time, but I guess it's safer to do that than to not bring enough.

Picture from New Year's Day:

I went to the mall after church yesterday. I bought two tank tops and a plaid shirt from Charlotte Russe, a couple of necklaces from Macy's, two tank tops and two dresses from this little Indian shop (yes, the dresses are really from India!) I also bought some black dress pants to wear to the production I'm going to in March with my aunt. I guess we have to dress up a bit, and for some reason I'm not allowed to wear a dress or skirt, so I'm wearing dress pants. I haven't found a shirt to go with them yet though...

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

I called Ryne Thursday evening and we talked for a little bit. I honestly feel so much better after having that conversation with him. I really think that's what we needed to do. Talk it out, voice to voice, and since he won't give me the time of day in person, I decided to call him. I actually even asked him if he would mind me coming to Maryland with his family, riding along in that 7-8 hour drive, and spending 5 straight days with them. You guys are probably all like: "What?! I thought you couldn't go to Maryland!" Well, things changed, and sister Pearl (Casey/Cameron/Ryne & Dan's mom) texted Casey the other day and invited me to come with them, and of course, my parents said yes. I can't wait!!!

Unfortunately I didn't get to go to Josh's birthday party last night, for various reasons, but we're still planning on meeting up at one of our youth groups or the cinema one of these days. My friend Casey ended up coming over and we had a movie night in my basement. We watched Deep Blue Sea (it's an extremely noticeable 'special effect' shark movie, with incredibly lame 'special effects) and then we watched Atonement, and although it's kind of confusing, it is now one of my favorite movies of all time.

I woke up this morning to 3 Valentine's Day gifts. One from my parents, and two from my grandparents. My mom and dad got me an iTunes gift card, and my grandma and grandpa got me a super nice bag and an incredibly cute dress. Then I got ready and went into the village for my friend Alicia's surprise birthday party. It was supposed to last from noon till five, but I ended up leaving around twenty of three because I have so much homework and packing to do before I go to Maryland on Tuesday.

I love every single one of you readers and I wish you all a happy Valentine's Day (:

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Why do I let these things get to me so much?

Here I go, crying over something Ryne did, once again. He's such a jerk to me, I can't even handle it anymore. Apparently on top of being stuck up, he thinks I'm annoying and enjoys picking on my boots. (They're black and they kind of look like Amish boots, but so what? They add a classy touch to my outfits and personally, I think they're pretty darn cute. My mom gave them to me, they used to be hers...) I was already having a bad day, actually I haven't been having the greatest week in general, and that was just the icing on top of the cake. Everybody is noticing a change in this kid, including his entire family, and it's definitely not for the better.
I'm so glad tomorrow is Friday. It's the last day of school before winter break, and it's also Josh's birthday party. That's right, I get to meet Josh tomorrow, and it's really exciting :)

Monday, February 9, 2009

Kim and A Cup of Coffee

Spear said our play is "really good" which from him, means a lot. He's not one to compliment people.

The final title: Kim and A Cup of Coffee

Wish us luck on placing in the contest! DZ submitted them today.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

So I gave up Florida for nothing.

My parents and my best friend have every right to be mad at me, but they're not.

Ryne's an idiot, a moron, a jerk, and a whole bunch of other names I could call him but I won't. Thanks for making me and my best friend Mikaela cry, once again, you stupid loser.

Oh.. and did you hear? I'm stuck up and I think I'm better than every single one of you out there, and Mikaela is retarded and annoying. (Sarcasm intended)

And guess what?! We're not going to Maryland. Well, at least I'm not. I texted Casey hoping for her to cheer me up a bit, and the first thing she said other than "Heyy :)" was that nobody's going to Maryland except her family.

So apparently, I gave up Florida for nothing.

P.S. Casey thinks I hate her because I kind of flipped out when she told me. I don't hate you, darling, I was already in a bad mood, and that was just the delicious, ever so needed, cherry on top.

Lovely evening, isn't it?

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Oh the weekends.

Friday consisted of working out at Curves, then going to the cinema to see He's Just Not That Into You with my mom and my friend Casey. I spent the night at Casey's house afterwards, stayed up till 2:30/3 ish in the morning talking and on the phone with Sean, Joey, Adam, and David. I miss them. Only 10 days till I get to see all the Marylanders!!! :D

Today I went to the movies to see Taken with Casey, my mom, and my aunt. This guy is seriously like the detective version of House - amazing. My aunt also invited me to go see the Resurrection with her and some friends in Pennsylvania the weekend after my birthday. I can't wait! Casey says she's seen something like it before and it was amazing.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

I didn't go to school today.

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I was kind of upset for a little while at youth group last night, but I didn't know why. I felt like I was going to cry. So after worship and service, we had an alter call. And Pastor Jonnie said if anyone wanted prayer they could step up to the front and someone would come pray for them. I was shaking so intensely I could hardly walk, but I went up for prayer. Before I knew it, I had like the entire youth group praying over me, and hands were lain on my shoulders, arms and back like crazy... Afterwards, I recieved a whole bunch of hugs and I felt a little bit better, just to know that so many people care... After taking down all the equiptment and stuff, all of us went to our pastor's house for Pastor Jonnie's birthday party. Most of us sat in the livingroom, ate tons of pizza and other delicious snacks and watched American Idol... I'm SO happy 'Bikini Girl' went home :)

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I didn't go to school today. I had another doctor's appointment, this time with my urologist. My doctor was 7 feet tall! I was a bit intimidated at first, but he was super nice. He named a few things that I may have, but nothing's positive yet. I had to get blood work today, and I have an IVP (an x ray of my kidneys) coming up and a follow up urologist appointment at the end of March. After my doctor's appointment we went out to eat at this restaurant called Ninety Nine. I haven't felt the greatest all day so I didn't really eat all that much :/ Then we went to this place called Gary's Music and I got a music stand, a tuner and a metronome for my guitar.

I should probably go see if I can do some of this global homework I have here... Comments, lovelys? :)

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Pastor Jonnie's birthday!

Today is my youth pastor's birthday, so tonight instead of going out to eat like we usually do after youth group, we're all going back to the Sandborn's house (my pastor's house) for a party till late tonight.

My science teacher told me she redid my grade and I have an 88. It's still not good, but it's definitely better than that 85 I thought I had. I also have a 100 in theatre...

Spear told me, Mikaela and Ashley that we have a really good chance of winning that competition with our play because it has such a twisted ending. As soon as it's graded I'll post it up here for you all to read :)

Ashley and I stayed after with DZ (another one of our theatre teachers) and a whole bunch of other people after school today. We were talking about the spring play (which is most likely going to be Alice In Wonderland) and how she wants to have a dance to Circus by Britney Spears and Disturbia by Rihanna in it. DZ also mentioned how she wants Ashley and I to have a whole lot more lines this time, and be in all the dances. I'm so excited! :D Then me, DZ, Ashley and this girl Morag danced around the classroom to Ashley's iPod blasting through the speakers. DZ and Ashley were singing all the lyrics and reinacting the music video to Circus. Hahaha it was hilarious! :D

By the way, my guitar lesson last night went extremely well. And I'm going to go practice what I learned right now :)

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


I haven't been doing very well in school lately. Our first semester just ended last week which means we're already halfway through the year. Wow, I can't believe how much time flies. But anyways, I've never been off high honors in my life, and I'm not about to start now.. but most of my grades did drop an awful lot this past marking period and I don't know why:

Living Environment Lab- 94
Living Environment- I'm not sure about, it's either an 85 or an 87
English AP- 87
Geometry- 89
Global History- 84
Spanish 3- 97

And then I'm pretty sure I have a 100 in Photo Journalism and a super high grade in theatre.. But I don't know yet.

Gym was fun, we're doing volleyball and Shelby was my partner. She's like my sister, I love her to death :)

I had a doctor's appointment after school for my foot, she treated it for a wart (yuck) and now I have a huge bandaide on my heel. American Idol is on tonight, and I have my first guitar lesson at 7. Horrah! :D

Monday, February 2, 2009


Materialistic Country:
I'm proud to say that I made the decision yesterday that I'm going to fast Myspace and Facebook for at least a week. Some of you may think I'm absolutely insane, while others may think it'll be a piece of cake. Well, it's really not that easy for me. I actually even had a debate with myself yesterday afternoon if I could actually do it, or if I wanted to change my mind and fast something else. But then I came to the conclusion that we Americans base our lives way too much on the fact that we have things like internet at all, or other materialistic things. I never realized how materialistic I was until yesterday. The time I spend surfing the net rather than doing something productive or being active is insane. Well, it is more so now that it's Winter and I can't do as much outside as I'd like to, but either way, there's a lot of better things I could be spending my time doing. Our country has (or should I say had) so much power, wealth and just material things in general that too many of us seem to take everything else forgranted. I mean, look at these third world countries who have absolutely nothing. Most of those people don't have homes or own a pair of shoes. Most of them can't even afford to buy a pack of gum. I mean, I know there's plenty of homeless and hungry people here in the U.S, but at least our country has the ability to keep the majority of it's people under some sort of shelter and maintaining some sort of a diet. We (and I say we, not in a stereotypical way, but because it's true) need to quit focusing on the things we want but don't have, and remember the little kids in Africa who are living on the streets in total poverty.

Which brings me to the point of, OUR ECONOMY:
Does anyone actually think Obama's going to be able to change our country? I know he's just been inaugurated and everything, and I probably should give him a bit more of a chance than I have so far, but by the looks of it since his election, nothing has improved. I'm absolutely terrified about what's going to happen to our country and all the people in it within the next few years. I have no idea what's coming. None of us do. And to be honest, I don't think one man alone (I don't care if he's the president or not) can dig us out of this hole we happen to be in right now. It's like the Roaring 20's and the Great Depression all over again. I hope we're ready for this. But, I do trust that God is in control, and whatever the reason may be that Obama did get elected, it all comes back to Him and He will get us out safely.

Cardinals VS. Steelers! Which team did you guys cheer for when they got a touch down? At first I was pretty indifferent, seeing as I don't really watch football all that much (unless it's my school's team) but then I decided I was a bit more for the Steelers than the Cardinals, and I joined in with most everyone else at my friend Alec's house (except Sarah, Nate, Josh and their parents) with the rooting for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Sarah's parent's went all out with the face paint and everything. It was my first Superbowl party ever, and a whole bunch of us from church were all packed in Alec's tiny little country house - the adult's in the livingroom/kitchen and youth in Alec's bedroom. Alec's parent's (Dee and Ken) went all out decorating their front yard with giant football helmets sticking out on posts from in the ground and signs saying "Go Steelers!" and "Cardinals stink!" just to tick off the Laff family. It was beautiful. You could hear the shouting and cheering super loud coming from the kitchen/livingroom while we were all watching the game in Alec's bedroom down the hall. And of course, whenever there was a funny commercial on, you could hear insane ROARING LAUGHTER and OBNOXIOUS CLAPPING. Cameron was being a huge flirt the whole time, by the way. Especially because at first, I was being super quiet, and that's not like me at all. He was sitting on the couch-bed and mouthed from across the room, "Are you okay?" I said yeah, but then he jumped across the floor and sat next to me, laying on my shoulder, and just keeping me company the whole time. Then he went and layed down on the floor next to Nate and Abbie came over and sat next to me, while Cameron kept tickling me and touching my leg, just to be stupid. Then I went and sat next to Casey, Alec, and Travis... Who all three of them literally attacked me, touching my knees and tickling me. I'm seriously the most ticklish person in the entire world. I promise. I also hate it when people touch my knees, for some crazy unknown reason. Haha

Yesterday was an amazing service, once again, but more amazing than usual. Things went a bit differently, but it was so awesome it's indescribable. During worship, Bro. Ed (he is one of the people who sings on the worship team) stepped up with his microphone and began preaching and praying right there on the spot. It was awesome. Then Pastor Pearl all of a sudden stopped in the middle of one of our worship songs and began singing a complete different one, that God was giving her right on the spot. It was insane. I couldn't believe it. Then she prophesied over Sis. Donna Z and she was crying her eyes out. I got such chills... Oh I can't wait till Wednesday :)

Saturday, January 31, 2009

My Very First Award!

Thanks Ali! :)


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I hereby nominate...

Rose Valentine
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Oh man, I haven't posted in a while..

Sorry guys! I've just been so busy!

Monday was the only day I had to go to school this week, it's regents week and I don't have to take any regents. After school, I went to Curves to work out with my mom. I actually really liked it there, and I was shocked to find at least 5 people I knew there. They were all teachers, like 3 of my theatre teachers, the keyboarding teacher I had back in sixth grade, and my third grade science teacher. Imagine working out with 3 of the most outgoing/crazy adults you know while listening to pump up music.. it actually gets pretty wild.

Tuesday I had a doctors appointment and then I went to the mall with my mom and my grandma. I met a creeper who worked at Home Depo that kept staring at me, talking to me, following me around, and talking about how he's single and he hates cold toilet seats first thing in the morning. When I finally got away from him, he yelled to me "You're beautiful, by the way" and I looked back, smiled and said "Thank you" and then he's like "And I really like your outfit" ... I got really scared, quickly said "thanks" and walked away.

On Wednesday, my cousin Jenna was supposed to come over and go to youth group with me but I didn't feel well cause I hadn't had much sleep lately and youth group was cancelled so she didn't end up coming. I spent most of my day relaxing and watching movies.

Thursday I went to the mall with my mom, some guy that worked at the furniture store was trying to hook me up with his hott seventeen year old son, and then I went to the armory with Casey, her family, and Mikaela to help out and serve our troops. That was actually quite fun and everyone was so friendly..

Yesterday I came to the conclusion that I want to redo my room for my birthday and I also want a polaroid camera. We went to my grandparent's for dinner, and that was delicious.

Today I'm going out to eat at this place called Michael T's with my parents and my grandparent's for my grandma's birthday which is tomorrow. Then tonight I'm probably going to the movies with my friend Haley to see The Uninvited. I haven't hung out with her in what seems like forever so I really hope she can go :)

Sunday, January 25, 2009


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Talking to Mikaela on Facebook IM
Texting Cameron, Randy and Maggie
Watching Another Cinderella Story
Painting my nails

  • Today:

Church was amazing as usual. Denyel (Daniel's girlfriend) is visiting from Pennsylvania for the week so she was there today.. It was nice seeing her again so soon! I stood next to Pastor Dan and Casey during worship, Pastor Dan is one of those people that you don't even have to know him to know how much he loves God. It's awesome! After church, there was a huge church dinner for Pastor Dan's birthday yesterday. Oh my gosh there was SO much food! Like everyone from the church brought some food or drink, but I couldn't really eat anything because I was about to leave to go out to eat with my grandparents, parents, uncle, aunt and 3 cousins in about 15 minutes. Until then, I went and sat with Gage, Casey and Denyel and watched them eat. Then Cameron came and sat next to me and started shoving food in my face. The first thing he fed me was chicken and broccoli alfredo that Debbie made, which was absolutely delicious. After that, everytime I tried to talk and my mouth was open, he'd shove bread or something in my mouth. It was quite hilarious, and delicious. He also made me try some ham and garlic bread...

Then when I had to leave, Cameron stood up to give me a 'special hug' ahah and then followed me into the sanctuary to get my coat and purse, and of course to hug me again. I found it quite adorable, he makes me smile :)

My family and I got to the restaraunt like an hour early, but my grandpa and I danced in the lobby until my uncle, aunt and their 3 kids got there. Twas fun! I love my family.

  • Horrah:

I'm so glad tomorrow is the only day of school we have this week. Too bad I have to take a math test.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Happy birthday Pastor Dan and Lindsey P!!! :D

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Weird things have been happening to a few of my friends lately..
Texting Cameron, Casey and Ashley
Talking to Tara and this kid Neal on facebook

  • Yesterday:

After school, Mikaela and Casey came over. We went to the youth center around 7:30ish to hang out with everyone. That was kind of fun, and then Casey spent the night at my house. I was so tired, I couldn't manage to stay up much past midnight.

  • Today:

It's 3:33 and Casey just left, we spent most of the day listening to music, being artistic, and laughing. About a half hour before she left, she was drawing insanely colorful pictures on my whiteboard, and at one point she drew on me with a black marker. A few seconds later I realized it, and attempted to grab her marker to get revenge. She was quick to keep it away, but with my slick moves I managed to grab the red marker as she ran away in fear. I chased her, and this lead to her shoving me into my closet, holding me hostage, tackling me to the ground, her stealing MY marker :/ and drawing on me with various colors. All the while, we were laughing so hard we couldn't breathe.


Thursday, January 22, 2009

HE has called me friend :)

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Wearing my Backseat Goodbye hoody
Texting Cameron and Ashley Ray
Talking to Maggie, Josh and Ryne on AIM
Studying for my biology test tomorrow

  • Today:

Finally finished the play! I'm actually pretty confident that we have a good chance of winning the contest :)

  • Yesterday:

After school I walked to the Sandborn's house with Casey, Mikaela and Brandy. It wasn't even 10 degrees, and on the way there, my hands turned red, black, blue, purple, and full of orange dots. It was the weirdest thing ever! I felt like I was on an episode of House. Finally they began hurting so bad that I started to run to Casey's house, leaving everyone else behind. Mikaela caught up with me and made me stop running, because it was so cold outside that she was afraid I was going to freeze my lungs as well, because apparently, that's possible. Ha but anyways, I was in so much pain, and my hands became so numb that I could hardly even talk. When we got to the Sandborn's what seemed like years later, Mikaela and I walked right in, even though Casey and Brandy were wicked far behind us. Jon, Taylor, Ryne and Gage were already there, and they greeted us at the door. When they heard about my hands, they all put their hands out to try and warm mine. My hands were so numb and freezing cold that I couldn't feel them touching me - I couldn't even feel my fingers touching eachother. Everyone told me to run my hands under gradually warming water, and I did, but that just made my hands hurt even more to the point where I was in tears.. Everyone was crowded around me in the kitchen, Mikaela holding a cloth around my hands, and everyone else trying to make me laugh or smile. I could barely understand what anyone was saying - I was in too much pain. Then I started feeling reallyreally sick to my stomach, so I rested my head on Mikaela's shoulder and closed my eyes. Finally I couldn't take it anymore, I ran to the bathroom in tears and sat on the floor. I thought I was going to be sick.. :( After I shut the door, I heard someone knocking, it was Mikaela asking to see if I was alright. I said I'd be fine but she came in with Brandy's gloves and sat on the counter anyways. I was so sick and still in so much pain that she wanted to call my mom, but after a few more moments passed, I started feeling a little bit better and I just went and layed down in the living room in one of the Sandborn's big, comfy chairs and listened to A Day To Remember with the rest of the crew.

When I felt good enough to get up, I went into the kitchen where Casey and Brandy were baking peanut butter cookies (which turned out absolutely delish by the way!) I sat in a chair and put my head down on the counter top. Cameron was on the phone with one of his friends, and he came by to see if I was okay and put his head down next to me, completely ignoring the girl he was on the phone with. He made sure I was alright, offering me a blanket and his snuggie if I was still cold.. before getting back to his phone conversation. That made me smile, he's such a big sweetie :)

When I finally felt ALL BETTER, all of us had a blast just chillen out at the Sandborn's house and talking before youth group. At one point, Cameron and I had a fight where we chased eachother around the kitchen with pot holders, smacking eachother with them. It was hilarious and definitely the highlight of my day! Hahaha :D

  • That's What God Said:

THEN! Oh man, we had youth group!! It was the best worship during youth group I have ever experienced. I got all hardcore into it, focusing only on God and praying to Him the whole time. And then, all of a sudden, during one of my favorite worship songs (Do What You Will) God spoke to me. He gave me a feeling so strong and powerful, I've never experienced anything like it before. I've never been so encouraged in my life. I was like, shaking the whole rest of youth group and everyone noticed there was something up. Towards the end, after the alter call, we all prayed for our pastors. After that, I gathered up the courage to go up to Pastor Pearl and tell her what God had spoken to me about that evening. She was so excited, she hugged me and made me tell Pastor Dan as well. Soon afterwards, I was still shaking but it was time to leave and I didn't get a chance to tell Casey yet. She told me to text her, and the best way to explain all this to you guys is to just type up my text messages...

"Well i didnt know how to word it really, but i said that i really felt like God was saying to me that the old times really are over. For all of us. And that the new beginning is going to start way sooner than we think. We need to be ready. God's going to hit us and our church so hard with the holy spirit that people won't be able to walk by without noticing a difference, getting interested, and being drawn in. Our biggest prayers and church growing dreams won't just be wishes anymore - God's going to work in so many lives that it's actually going to happen. And it's gunna happen sooner than any of us ever imagined. So like i said, we gotta be prepared. We gotta be so into God and so in love with Jesus that we can't think about anything else other than Him and His amazing grace. His great works are already starting.. But seriously - that message wasn't from me. It was God - working through me and my fingers. I think that message and piece of encouragement needs to be said aloud and shared with everyone. It's such an encouragement, and it's not even something we WANT to hapen anymore. It's something that's actually GOING to happen - and SOON. Big changes are going to occur and we're gunna get to experience it!!"

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Say hello to the best mood I've ever been in :)

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Listening to: Not Now by Blink 182
And I'm probably one of the happiest people in the world right now.

  • Today:

I totally did not want to go to school this morning, but then I remembered youth group is tomorrow and it made my morning ten times better. And that's just the start of a wonderful day :)

I don't even care that today was the inauguration for our new president that I'm not too fond of, and I don't care that I had a bad hair day. We're making history with the first black president, and all of us are living through it. Getting to experience it. And he can't be any worse than Bush, especially because I trust God to save us. We're living in the last days and our faith is being tested. Well, let me tell you something honey, I'm not going to fail the test of life.

But back to my incredible day:
-Even though I missed all last week of lab class, I managed to fully catch up today.
-We're pretty much finished with our play in theatre. 9 pages and 5 scenes full of pure genious :)
-I had a bunch of random people tell me I'm beautiful today, and some other sweet compliments.
-My photo journalism teacher extended the due date for our project, just because my group and I aren't finished yet.
-After school, Cameron called me! Just to talk! I mean, he's called me before.. but it was mostly only to see where I was when we were at the mall or something like that.
-My friend Josh called me too! I've never talked to him on the phone, and it was seriously the most awkward conversation I've ever had, but the fact that he called me, and I got to hear his voice for the first time, was pretty darn swell.
-I watched an incredible episode of House today! (The new one that was on last night)
-My best friend Jon made my day, and that's all I'm going to say about that :)
-And last but not least, MY PARENTS SAID THEY WANT TO COME TO CHURCH WITH ME SOMETIME!!!!!!! I was so excited when I was telling Mikaela and Casey on the phone earlier, that I could barely even talk. I had to scream! I had to let all my excitement out! And I couldn't stop giggling! :D And I still feel like that.. :)

  • Truth or Dare?:

I challenge each and every one of you to walk up to somebody random tomorrow, whether it's in school or on the street, and offer them a smile and compliment. Any sort of compliment. It'll make their day, which will most likely make you pretty cheerful as well :)

  • BTW:

The picture at the top of this post, is of me and my best friend Casey :)

Monday, January 19, 2009

Take me away, a sweet escape..

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Listening to Swimming With Dolphins
Making plans with Casey for the day
AIMing Josh

  • Today:

Casey's coming over, and we're going shopping with my mom. Then coming back here to make peanut butter cookies, take crazy-insane pictures, and watch movies. A brand new episode of The Secret Life of the American Teenager is on tonight! :)

  • Cameron:

I thought I'd post a picture of Cameron, since I talk about him so much. Hah here he is :)

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Isn't he beautiful? Haha, he's seriously like, one of my best friends in the entire world. <3

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Love is all you need.

Mikaea & I on Saturday :)

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Extremely tired
Texting Cameron
Watching House

  • Today:

-Amazing church service, as always. Pastor Dan is preaching on the 9 fruits.
-Dance practice, even though I could only watch because of my pathetically (is that even a word?) sprained knee.
-King's Buffet for lunch with everyone from church - I sat with Cameron, Sarah, and Nate for most of the time.
-Back to the Sandborn's with Casey and Cameron
-Then Dana, Amber, Chris, and Lenny showed up; and Ryne finally came home as well.
-When they left, Nate and Jeremiah came over.
-Then Sarah, Keith, and Jack came over as well.
-Me, Cameron, Casey, Sarah and Nate all hung out in Casey's room until I had to leave.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

I can ride my bike with no handle bars.

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Wearing my Relient K band tee
Texting Sarah and Casey
Singing the worship song Casey wrote
Reading Exodus
Waiting for Mikaela to get here

  • Today:

Mikaela's coming over around 2 so we can work on our play. Ashley can't come because she has to go to her cousin's birthday party, so we're going to have to call her or something for input.

  • Excitement:

In about a month, I'm going to Maryland again with my church for a conference. I can't wait! I haven't seen my Maryland friends since August, and I miss them a whole lot! Here's some pictures from Youth Fest in August...

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Cindy, David, me & Abbie at the church.

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Aw, Jesse and I at the bowling alley. He's my best friend ever :)

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Joey & I at the bowling alley. Haha! We're rad :)

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Shane & I at the bowling alley. He's the sweetest kid ever.

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Abbie, me & Cindy at the bowling alley.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Shane!!! He's wearing my sunglasses. Haha :)

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Me, Joey & Shane. I'm wearing Joey's bandana :)

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Me, Tara, Laura & Casey in the sanctuary. Mannn we look tired. Haha

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Abbie, Tara & I at the playground. Tara's wearing my pants! They're the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, pants.. meaning literally EVERYONE fits in them. Everyone tried them on while we were there :) Haha

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Casey, Cindy, me, Travis & Jesse at the bowling alley.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Megan, Emmett, Joey, Aaron, me and Joey. Emmett's a big sweetheart, and Megan and Aaron are two of my best friends :)

Friday, January 16, 2009

I'm dressed up tonight just to look pretty in your eyes. And even though I don't want to know anything, I want to tell you everything..

  • Currently:

Dressed in bright colors
Wrapped up in a cozy blanket, fresh outta the dryer :)
Sinus infection
Reading Genesis
Listening to 'Wonderwall' by Oasis
Taking life as it comes

  • School:

School is going well. I'm finally understanding what's going on in math again, and we're writing a play in theatre. My partners are my two best friends; Mikaela and Ashley. Our play is about 3 orphan girls who sit on the sidewalk in an alley trying to change the world and make it a better place so no one else has to deal with what they're going through. Although, they're quite optimistic and intelligent girls who have the ability to make their own fun out of just about anything. We haven't gotten very far in the play yet, but we should finish it sometime this weekend.

  • Conceptions:

I'm going to begin guitar lessons soon, YAY! I've dreamed of learning how to play the guitar for over a year now. I also want my keyboard back. My mom let my cousin borrow it over the summer cause I hadn't played it in a while, and she still hasn't given it back.. I miss it :(

I'm also thinking about joining this new fitness center about 20 minutes away, with some people from my church and possibly my parents. I can't wait to start toning! :)

Thursday, January 15, 2009

With God, all things are possible.

I stayed home from school on Tuesday, but I went back yesterday. We finally had youth group again for the first time in what seems like forever. We haven't had it for at least a month, for various reasons..mostly due to holidays and bad weather. But like I said, we finally had it last night and it was amazing. People were in tears, people got touched like never before, and even though he had to leave early.. My best friend Jon came. And he's one of those types of people that you'd never think to see in a church.. but I guess this is proof that with God, all things really are possible! :D
Since I'm still sick today, I'm going to the doctors this morning. Hopefully I can go in school late and I won't miss too much.
Have a fantastical day! :D

Monday, January 12, 2009

Do not follow where the path may lead;

Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail..

Sunday: Amazing church service, as always.. Afterwards, I went out to eat with my parents at King's Buffet, which if you've never heard of it, it's a chinese restaraunt with a huge buffet. Then I went to the movies with my friends Taylor and Gage to see Gran Torino. There's about a billion racist comments and swear words in it, but other than that, I liked it a lot. Then I went to Wal*Mart with some of my friends, and we went back to the movie cinema to see Bride Wars. (Which was surprisingly a pretty good movie!) It ended up being me, Casey, Alec, Ryne, Dana and her friend Amber, Bryson, Sarah, Rachel, Cameron and Jeremiah.. Mostly kids from my youth group. I love them all so much :)

Today: I went to school for a few hours, but I ended up coming home early because I'm really sick. I don't know if I'll be going to school tomorrow at all... Colds aren't fun :P

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Don’t count every hour in the day, make every hour in the day count.

My day has been spent going through old pictures that have been sitting in that white chest at the foot of my bed in my room for quite a while now. I also found some postcards from when we went to Florida a couple years ago, and a few ticket stubs from the concerts and shows I've been to over the years. All these things bring back such wonderful memories... Time really does fly by faster than you can ever imagine. It's actually kind of sad.. I miss my old friends, and all the fun times we used to have. And I just wish I could experience my childhood once again for a couple of weeks.. Not to say I'm not enjoying life as it is now, because I most definitely am :) but it would be nice to go back..just for a little while. I miss Gabbie, Morgan, Haligh, Kelsea, Kelly and Haley so much.. I also miss my cousin Jenna, we used to be so close when we were younger.
By the way, I got a chance to talk to Penny for a little while this morning and we both ended up crying. Oh I miss her so much, but thankfully she's doing well.. It's so hard being best friends with someone who only lives here for a year, and then before you know it, they're gone, back to their home country millions of miles and bodies of waters away.

Friday, January 9, 2009

The key to change, is to let go of fear

Ryne and I are pretty tight again, and global is slowly but surely becoming one of my favorite classes. I don't really have much else to say, other than that I'm extremely glad it's Friday..

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Never say never.

Seriously, that's the lesson of the day.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Be great in act, as you have been in thought

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AIMing Jon and Jenna
Texting Ivy
Talking to my daddy about going to Florida at the end of the month..
Drinking Rootbeer

  • Snowdays..

We had a really pointless snowday today, mostly all it did was rain. I ended up going to the mall with my mom, and now I'm just chillen at home. I wish we just would have had 2 hour delay, because I'd be at youth group right now, but since so many schools cancelled, and youth group is held at the middle school in town, then that is cancelled as well. Lamesauce :P

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Life is just a chance to grow a soul..

  • Currently..

Doing English homework and listening to Hillsong.. I also decided the other day that I'm going to read the enire bible during 2009.

  • Today..

I had a gastrologist appointment this afternoon, so my parents picked me up from school after I took my global test. Unfortunately, I had to miss my favorite class: theatre; but I think it might have been worth it. My doctor was a female version of Dr. Gregory House with a strong Spanish accent, and after asking me only a few questions, she diagnosed me with IBS, Dyspepsia, and stress. Nothing too serious, thank God, but I do have another appointment with her in March.

  • First Kisses..

awe little kids kissing Pictures, Images and Photos

So I was watching iCarly the other night, and the episode where Sam and Freddy both announce on iCarly that they've never had their first real kiss was on. It got me thinking, who was my real first kiss? And then I realized, my very first real kiss, and my only real kiss so far, was with my best friend Jon back in eighth grade. We were tighter than you can ever imagine back then, and he spent all year chasing me and hoping I'd like him back someday. I finally did, and we were so-called 'boyfriend and girlfriend' for I'd say about 3 weeks tops until I decided for the last time that we were never meant to be more than just friends. Since then, I haven't dated anybody and I'm not planning on it until I find a guy who matches all the qualities I'm looking for. But back to first kisses. They're so magical, no matter where they happen to be. My first real kiss was at the movie theater, which is really lame. But a couple days later, we went to a water park together, and had one of the most romantic kisses. We were on top of a huge water slide, waiting to race eachother down, and Jon bent his head down and kissed me. We were both wet from all the water rides, and pushing against eachother with our mats that we were supposed to use to go down the slide in. It was by far, better than any kiss could ever be in the pouring rain. And even though I'm not exactly proud of the fact that I've dated a few guys, and didn't wait longer for my first real kiss, I'm glad I had it with someone as great as Jon; and I'm also glad that we're still best friends to this day.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Back to school

This is going to be a short post because I had an eye doctor appointment after school and can hardly see anything because the eye drops dialated my pupils so much.

But apparently, I sprained my knee. I went to my regular doctor and an orthopedic doctor this morning to get x rays and find out that it is definitely sprained. As a result, I'm out of gym for 10 days..which means no iceskating this Sunday after church :(

Here's a photo of me..

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Arrived at school during fifth period.. I didn't miss much though because we had a one hour delay.

iTunes is being super lame, so I have to go fix that and do my math homework.

By the way, I enjoy theatre class an awful lot :)

Good night!

Oh, and P.S.
I finally got a Facebook!
(I hope this link works^)

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Unfortunately, it's the last day of Christmas break.
After a wonderful service at church, I went iceskating with my friend Abbie.
I fell once, and ended up having to be carried off the ice by some large man that worked there, because I twisted my leg and couldn't move it.

I'm icing my leg at the moment.
What a wonderful way to end my break.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

And in the end, Peter Pan Stole Tinkerbell's wings so she'd never leave him..

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The above picture is of me kissing a dolphin named Lenny at Discovery Cove when I went to Florida with my Aunt Connie, cousin Adam, and my parents in February of 2007. I thought it would be a great occassion to post it up here, since last night my parents randomly decided that they'd like to go to Florida at the end of the month if my dad can get the time off from work. IT's a slight chance though because my dad's one out of the two bosses at his work, and the other guy recently broke his leg and is out for medical reasons. But oh how I love spontanaety..

On another note, I went shopping with my parents today. My dad bought us all some really nice snowshoes, and boots and gloves to go with them as a late Christmas gift. I'm really looking forward to setting out for the trails with them and a bunch of my aunts, uncles and cousins one of these days. We'll have a blast! Then we went out to lunch at Panera Bread which was packed to it's maximum hold but still absolutely delicious, and hit up the mall to do a few more returns. Abbie and her mother were there, so I shopped around and visited with them for a bit as well. I ended up with some really nice iceskates from Dicks Sporting Goods, and 2 shirts and a scarf from Charlotte Russe. I also bought my friend Ashley a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle t-shirt because I know she's really wanted one for a long time.

Tomorrow after church I'm probably going iceskating with some friends.. I can't wait to use my try out my new skates. They're beautiful :)

Friday, January 2, 2009

And the beat goes on...

I slept till quarter after noon today. I miss the Marylanders, Mercedeez, Ivy, and my cousins way too much. I want to download music but my iTunes is being lame. I might have very well given up our vacation to Florida to go to Maryland with my church for four days in February. I can't wait until I can drive. My grandparent's mean more to me than anyone in the world. Boredom leads to posts full of rambling and nonsense. My apologies. Here's a video from New Year's Eve :)

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

Seven Pounds is quite the heart warming movie, and Will Smith acts in it extremely well. I cried my eyes out toward the end, but I definitely think every single one of you should go see it, because I absolutely loved it! :)

I got to Kelsey's house around 7ish, Mikaela and Ivy were already there. I was so happy to see Ivy considering I hadn't seen her since September. It's so hard when one of your best friends lives so far away. Actually, that's how it is for a lot of my best friends. Most of them live cities, or even states away. But anyways, we stayed up until 5:30 AM or so, dancing, watching movies and talking about everything there is to talk about. When the ball dropped, it was funny, because Ivy was in the bathroom and the rest of us were sitting on the floor in Kelsey's bedroom eating chips and dip. I glanced down at my phone because I had received a text message, and realized it was exactly 12:00. We all said 'Happy New Year' and then ran and knocked on the bathroom door and yelled it to Ivy as well. Haha this morning we all woke up around 11 to the smell of french toast, maple syrup, and brownies baking in the oven. Breakfast was delish and then we watched another movie before everyone went home. It was sad to see Ivy go, I miss her already. But we're already making plans to hang out soon and go see a show together, probably in February. February is going to be a fantastic month for me this year, because I get to see all the Marylanders as well! :D

Happy 2009, everybody! Good luck in the new year...