Monday, April 27, 2009


I don't know how else to describe how amazing both nights of Alice In Wonderland went, other than to copy and paste a few of the comments I've recieved and sent to some of my friends afterwards.

  • "you guys were great! the disturbia dance was one of my favorite parts!" -Mackenzie
  • "You were amazingggg! I wanted to hug you but my dadddy was there to early :/" -Jackie
  • "You did so so so good! :D I was there :D" -Melissa
  • "Great job Cinque:) I loved it and am going again tonight.." -Chris, my second mom (Mikaela's mom)
  • "Good Job at the play!!Cinque! I bet it was a lot of fun putting it on. We wil be looking for our autographs on Sunday!!:)" -Lois & Pat (they go to my church)
  • "I saw you at the play today!!! You were amazing and excellent!!! You were born to be a star!! When u were on stage.. I saw no one else!! Great job!!!! Will you be going to broadway? hehehe" -Christy
  • "No problem! I enjoyed it.It was really good! And I loved everyones costumes!Great job!!! Good luck tonight." -Amanda

And I sent this to Amanda:

"Hey! Our second show was different than the first one, everything possible went wrong. But, it was still a great show because we're all absolutely amazing at improv.Hahahha thank God! Literally!The cast party was the most fun cast party I've ever been to. We always have our play cast parties at Liberty Lanes (the bowling alley in the village) but the majority of us didn't actually bowl. Instead, we just ate nachoes, pizza, cake and got all hyped up on mountain dew... Resulting in this MASSIVE game of truth or dare. It originally started out with me, and my friends Mikaela, Ashley, Mary, Mairi and her boyfriend Jimmy. But somehow, DZ (the director) got involved, and involved her son Scott, and his friend Kory, and Kory's mom, and then before we knew it... our little truth or dare circle migrated throughout all 5 adults, and a whole bunch more people in the cast joined in as well. The dares were crazy and hilariousssss, and we probably only had about 2 truths.HahahOh, and throughout the entire cast party, someone would just randomly yell "CHANGE PLACES!" so we'd all have to get up and move.Hahahhahaha it was awesomeeee!And of course I loved the flowers!!! They're beautiful! How'd you know my favorite color is orange!?!? :DI also ended up getting flowers from this kid I've known since kindergarten's mother, my friend Ed (who we all like to call Batman), my friend Alec, my daddy, my grandpa, and my little cousin Leah. She's 7. Haha and apparently afterwards, Leah rode home in the car with my grandparent's (her and her parents and 2 brothers came up from out of town to see my play and were staying at my grandparent's house) and I guess Leah told my grandma this outrageous story about how she played Snow White in her school's play, and my grandma was all upset we didn't know about it so she asked my aunt about it, and apparently Leah made it all up because she wanted to "have fun like me".HOW CUTE IS THAT?! Hahahah As you know, we did the school previews on Thursday and one of the little girls that goes to my church, her name is Maelin, she goes to one of the elementary schools we put on the preview for, and when she saw me at church on sunday she made this huge deal out of how I was in the play, and how much she totally admires me now. It was the cutest thing ever!!"


N a t a l i e. said...

It sounds like the play was a huge success, and that you did amazingly :D That's awesome! The cast party sounds like it was a blast too. Oh, and that's so cute about the little girl admiring you (:

Have a great week!

Anonymous said...

Ah, I'm glad you had fun. From previous posts it sounds like you worked really hard for the role. Have a great weekend!